A Fresh Look for the Cybis Archive

As you can see, the Cybis Archive has a ‘new look’ as of today – cleaner, fresher, and hopefully more readable and user-friendly. None of the functionality of the original layout has been lost; the biggest change is that whereas the most recent post was displayed in its entirety on the home page (followed by links to the previous four), all posts are now initially displayed in a ‘Read More’ format; simply click on the post title or the featured image to immediately jump to the full article.

The new format also enables you to proceed directly to the next (or prior) post from the bottom of the post that you are currently on.

Another upside to the new layout is that going forward, I will have the ability to insert larger images (up to 200 pixels wider than before.)

The site-search box is now located at the top of the right-hand sidebar when viewed on a desktop or laptop. An additional Categories menu is available in dropdown form at the bottom of each page and post, just above the footer.

On mobile displays, the search box and entire right-hand sidebar content is pushed to the bottom of the page/post as is typical.

On all types of displays, clicking the ‘Older Posts’ button will load additional post links and thus behaves similarly to an infinite scroll. Actual infinite scroll is disabled so that mobile readers can access the search bar and sidebar content without having to scroll down through all of the existing post excerpts to reach it.

I confess that I did miss the old banner image a bit at first, but have come to really like the new look and I hope you do as well.  And now on we go, steadily closing in on that ‘milestone’ 200th Cybis Archive post! 🙂