Archive Site Update

This is a brief ‘status’ update regarding new Archive postings. Because of some medical issues that have severely diminished my ability to look at electronic screens, I will not be adding new posts or content to the Archive for the next few months. Upcoming surgeries and other medical interventions should result in an improvement in mid-June, so that is the most realistic timeframe for new Archive posts to resume.

In the meanwhile, I do hope to be able to continue to update the Recent Sales page if I am able to do so (although it will likely be on a piecemeal basis.)

I also ask for your patience because I am not able to respond to messages sent via the Contact Form as I normally do. My on-computer time may only be for a few minutes (or less) a day – and on most days, not at all –  but I will respond as soon as I am able. Unfortunately, things will probably not be back to normal until at least May, and more likely June.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.