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Because this website is often updated with new information, photos and items added to existing posts, I realized that it would be useful to have a ‘signpost’ alerting readers to where such newly-added content is located. Hence this page showing “what’s new in the Cybis Archive”… and my apologies for not thinking of this much sooner!

This page will be updated on a monthly basis.  Links to cited posts (or to the post in which a cited sculpture appears) will open in a new tab.

A link to this what’s-new page appears above the website header and also (on desktop/laptop displays) in the right sidebar under “Pages.” On mobile displays that section is usually located below the links to the last four recent Archive posts.

Links to the last four new posts will continue to be displayed below the most current post in the Archive. And so, without further ado:

New content added to existing Cybis Archive posts

October 2019:

September 2019:

August 2019:

July 2019:

June 2019:

May 2019:

April 2019: no additions

March 2019:

  • Better photos of the circa-1990s Little Chick and Baby Duckling joined the Later Birds flock.

February 2019:

January 2019:

December 2018:

November 2018:

  • Much new and updated information about the original and second versions of the Condesa Rose.
  • All Jesus figures and crucifixes were removed from the Religious items overview and given their own post.
  • New photos and information added about the Pope John Paul II issues.

October 2018:

  • The Giftware post now contains an additional and better photograph of the circa 1950s Heart Box (Small).
  • A charming small Praying Nun now resides in the Religious Items post.

September 2018:

July 2018:

  • A 1940 photo incorrectly identified as being Marja Cybis was moved to the Marylin Chorlton post.
  • An example appoximating the appearance of the rare white bisque Wood Wren with Dogwood was added.

June 2018:

  • Two artisan names were added to the Honor Roll.
  • The name of the company that produced the Cybis short films was discovered.
  • Additional pictures of the Knight in Shining Armor were added, as well as edition information.
  • Information about the very first Cybis mermaid is now in All at Sea.
  • A newfound Baby Lamb joined the Menagerie.
  • An unusual red-haired, alternate-colorway Rapunzel was discovered.
  • The discovery of a 1963 price list resulted in a number of updates to prices and production years, especially for the Religious figures, and an updated Publications post as well.

May 2018:

April 2018:

March 2018:

February 2018:

  • Another Columbia title was added to the ever-(but slowly)growing list.
  • A new example of “body snatching” was added.
  • The Madonna with Bird was discovered to be a Holland Mold Company design; several posts were updated to reflect this information.
  • A small vermeil Cybis phoenix brooch was added to Cybis Display Signs.
  • The site was upgraded to remove all advertising.

January 2018:

  • A photo of an original Boleslaw Cybis conte drawing (not a lithograph) was added to the Folio One post.
  • Two additional instances of Body Snatching were discovered.
  • A photo of the actual chess set brought by President Nixon to Russia, complete with case, was added to the Chess Set post.

December 2017:

  • An excellent photo of The Stable was added to the 1980s Nativity Set post.
  • It was discovered that a small 1950s angel was originally one of a boy/girl pair of commercial molds; a photo of the commercially available set was added to the Angels post.
  • An unusual Mr. Snowball was discovered.
  • An historical anecdote about the Burro ‘Fitzgerald’ was added to his description.
  • A special one of a kind Abigail Adams is described.
  • The list of Gifts of State sculptures brought by President Gerald Ford on his 1975 European tour has been expanded.

November 2017:

October 2017:

  • The acquisition of three 1990s price lists resulted in the addition of Cybis retail price information and introduction/retirement dates to almost 200 sculptures throughout the site. Posts containing especially large numbers of updated items include the bunnies, the 1980s nativity set, the angels, the later madonnas, and the Hall of Fame series as a group.
  • Images of, and details about, those three 1990s price lists were added to the Publications post at the end of October.
  • Extensive updating of edition information, including one newfound design, was also done to the Classical Impressions post.

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