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Because this website is often updated with new information and photos added to existing posts, it is useful to have a ‘signpost’ alerting readers to where such newly-added content is located. Hence this page showing “what’s new in the Cybis Archive” over the preceding 12 months.

This page is updated shortly after the end of each month. The link to the cited post, or to the post in which the cited new item appears, will open in a new tab.

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New content added to existing Cybis Archive posts

February 2023:

January 2023:

  • The Collectors’ Society post received a major update.
  • The completion year and final retail price of the Mother Bear and Three Cubs was updated.
  • The Into the Woods post was updated with the completion date and price of the Otters, and a photo of a Burro ‘Fitzgerald’ being presented to Senator Edward Kennedy.
  • Photos of various ‘celebrity presentations’ during the 1980s were added to several posts.
  • The mystery deepens around the mysterious Satin horse head(s) with ribbon rosettes instead of roses!
  • Additional details about the circumstances surrounding the two Cousteau Society pieces (Humpback Whale and Arion) have been discovered.
  • Details about the special set of Twelve Days of Christmas ornaments that were sent to the White House in 1995 have been added.
  • Additional information about the Chi Chi and The Bear charity event piece was added.
  • A ninth possible actual meaning of an AP (“artist proof”) designation on a Cybis piece has been added to the post on that thorny subject.

December 2022:

  • An ‘unusual’ version of the Madonna with Bird was added to the Hall of Shame.

November 2022:

October 2022:

September 2022:

August 2022:

  • There was a major restructuring of the Child of Prague post, and a newfound 1950s piece added.
  • The Gifts of State post was updated.
  • Several of the on-again/off-again 1980s/1990s bear cubs were properly sorted out.
  • An additional resource was added to the Repairing Your Cybis post.
  • There is now a delightful photo of Mary Martin receiving a Peter Pan from Joseph Chorlton during the 1980s.
  • A Canada Goose has flown into the 1950s Birds post. Was he/she once one of a pair?
  • A third example of Lowicz Mother and Baby (a/k/a Birth at Lowicz) has been found and added.
  • A color (more or less!) photo of the original 1930s oil painting of the Polish Bride has been added to the Boleslaw Cybis Paintings post.
  • The exact year of retirement or edition- completion was added for 51 sculptures that did not have that information previously.

July 2022:

  • The 1910 event was added to the Columbia list.
  • Two circa-1940s busts (one papka, one porcelain) are now better identified.
  • Additional view of Cybele were added.
  • The difference between the early and later version of the Wood Wren with Dogwood is now clearly illustrated and easy to spot.
  • Another Cordey-marked piece done in Cypia tonation proves that this color technique was used in both lines during the early 1950s.

June 2022:

May 2022:

April 2022:

  • About two dozen sculptures in various genres had their issue year pinpointed and their issue price added to their Archive descriptions. Most were introduced during the late 1980s or early 1990s.
  • The Classical Impressions post was updated with new information about several pieces.
  • The Introduction Years post got a significant upgrade, thanks to the acquisition of some 1990s price lists.
  • The Design Number List had new entries/identifications added as well.

March 2022:

February 2022:

  • The reason for the extremely lifelike appearance of the possibly-one-of-a-kind Girl Riding on a Turtle is now known.
  • The true origin story of the Head of Boy and Head of Girl has finally come to light (new section at bottom of this post.)
  • The Hall of Shame now contains a new colorway of the Scarf-Madonna-with-Bird knockoff.

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