Carousel Horses by Cybis

Completing the trilogy of Cybis equine reviews are the nine horses which were part of their ‘Carousel Collection’ over the decades. In fact, the series itself began with a carousel horse in 1973. (The other carousel animals are shown separately.)

All of the limited edition carousel horses were sculpted by Susan Clark Eaton. Heights given include the base but not the carousel pole; e.g., a height of 12” means from top of porcelain to underside of wood base.


Carousel Horse view 2

Carousel Horse possible AP by CybisThe Carousel Horse was one of the two initial sculptures in the carousel series that Cybis introduced in 1973; the other was the Carousel Goat. Standing 12.5” tall and with an original issue price of $925, the Carousel Horse had a declared edition of 500 but only 325 were ultimately made when the issue was closed in 1979 at its original issue price. The example in the third photo may be an artist’s proof, because of the different colorway and very unusual base which I’ve seen only on one other Cybis carousel piece so far. Unfortunately only this one photo is available and no details given regarding any markings.


CAROUSEL HORSE TICONDEROGA by CybisBicentennial Carousel Horse ‘Ticonderoga’ was made only in 1975, 1976 and 1977 at a price of $925 throughout. Height is 12”. Like the Carousel Horse, the original declared edition was 500 but only 350 of these were made.


CAROUSEL PONY SUGARPLUM by CybisCarousel Pony ‘Sugarplum’ was a limited edition of 750 issued in 1981 at $975. He is 13.25” high. His edition was closed early (final quantity unknown) at some point before the start of 1988 because he does not appear on their price list issued in February of that year.



Carousel Charger detailThe elaborately decorated Carousel Charger was the tallest of the Cybis carousel horses at almost 14” high. He was an edition of only 325 sculptures and was introduced in 1984 priced at $1200. This is another piece that was made for a relatively short time because he, too, is missing from the February 1988 price list!


CAROUSEL UNICORN by CybisThe Carousel Unicorn arrived in 1985 as a limited edition of 325 at $1275, rose to $2050 by 1988. He is just over 13” high. (More Cybis unicorns can be seen in Unicorns and Pegasi.) This is the first of the carousel horses whose edition “survived” into and through the 1990s, although at a much higher price point; he is on their 1993 list for $3500.  The full edition was not completed before the studio ceased production.


CAROUSEL SEAHORSE by CybisCarousel Seahorse detailAnother mythical equine – this time a hippocampus – is the Carousel Seahorse which was a limited edition of 500 standing 11.5” tall. It was introduced in Spring 1987 for $975. The studio’s more naturalistic example of a seahorse is shown in All at Sea with Cybis.



Golden Thunder detail 1

Golden Thunder detail 2Golden Thunder was one of the Cybis 50th Anniversary designs issued in 1989; sculptures actually produced during that year bear the special stamp (shown in Signatures and Marks) in the belly area. Standing 13.5” high, he had a declared edition of 500 at $2475; he was $2750 in 1993.  From the original promo sheet:  “The heads in Bas Relief of the original thirteen Carousel animals, decorated in their original colors, enhance the 24 karat gold tone on tone armour saddle” and “A Golden Eagle creates a breathtaking effect on the forehead.”



Billed as a “companion piece” to the 1970s Bicentennial carousel horse Ticonderoga was the Spring 1991 introduction Carousel Pony ‘Patriot’ at 12.5” high. With an issue price of $1500, he was an edition of 750. He was the final full-size carousel horse.


CAROUSEL II PONY by CybisThe final Cybis carousel horse was part of their later ‘Carousel II’ series introduced in the late 1900s which is an open (non-limited) edition series of five small animals that can also fit onto a specially designed base sold separately. The Carousel II Pony is 9” tall and originally sold for $675. All of the Carousel II figures are shown in Carousel Animals.

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