Because the Cybis studio never put the actual name of a sculpture onto the piece itself, proper identification can sometimes be a challenge. This can result in considerable confusion for a seller as well as a potential buyer who may be searching for a specific sculpture, especially if someone has offered it for sale online under a made-up or best-guess name (or in many cases with no name at all.)

The following is a list of all the Cybis porcelains that are illustrated and/or mentioned in this online reference archive. (There is also a separate list of sculptures according to their design number but because so many design numbers are unknown, this name list is much more useful.)

Many of the 1950s Cybis sculptures were not given names either; for those, an appropriate name is written in all-lower-case and a short description follows. The various and numerous madonnas are all in a separate section preceding the ‘M’ list of sculpture names.

This list shows the name given to the sculpture by Cybis when it was first introduced at retail. The exact format of some Cybis names differed over time, and in very rare cases a name was changed entirely. The most common is the change from quotes to a comma. For instance Bunny ‘BonBon’ evolved in some Cybis advertising into Bunny, BonBon as well as Bunny ‘Bon Bon’) but in all iterations the two elements of the name — the descriptive + the “personal” if you will — are separated in some way. I’ve chosen to use single quotes because to my eyes (and as a gardener accustomed to seeing cultivar names in single quotes!)  it is the most appealing. There are also a number of sculpture names that were always in comma format (such as Elaine, Lady of the Lake) and those I have left just as they were assigned by the studio.

The name of many sculptures within the North American Indians Collection began with the tribe it represented (e.g., Apache ‘Chato’ or Onandaga ‘Hiawatha’) and so that is how they will be listed here. Some of them also have a third part to the name, such as Dakota, ‘Laughing Water‘ Minnehaha.

If a small-run special variation was created for a gallery event or private client but never given a name, it will be shown in brackets, such as: [Wendy with blue and floral decoration].

When a sculpture appears in more than one Archive post, a link is provided for each. However, the first link listed is the post that typically contains more information (and sometimes additional photographs) about the sculpture.

Three of the fifteen ballet sculptures include the word “ballerina” in the actual sculpture name but the others do not.  There is a separate post devoted exclusively to the ballet pieces, however, in order to aid identification.

Non-ceramic items (e.g., paintings, drawings, lithographs, etc.) are listed below the porcelains section.

Cordey items and lamps are listed below the Cybis sections.

If you have a photo of a sculpture that is not on this site, or an AP or different version of any that are listed here, or a piece that is mentioned within a post but is not illustrated, I would love the opportunity to include a photo in the database; it will be watermarked and full credit given. There is a contact form link at the bottom of this page.

A Gift of Beauty doll
A Gift of Innocence doll
A Star is Born: in Skaters and in Sports
A Tisket, A Tasket
Abigail Adams
Adam and Eve on Tree (painting on sculpture, also signed Ivers)
Adams Rose motif plate, historical reproduction ca. 1940s
Adam’s Vase (later renamed Eden Vase)
Albino Buffalo
Alice in Wonderland
American Bald Eagle, ca. 1980s
American Bullfrog ‘Enchanted Prince
American Crested Iris with Bobwhite Chick: in Flowers and in Birds
American Eagle, ca. 1950s, 14″ high: in Early Birds and in Patriotic
American Rose
American Screech Owl with Virginia Creeper
American White Buffalo
American Buffaloes (three on one base) = see Charging Buffaloes
American White Turkey and American White Turkey: in Early Birds and in Color Confusion
Andy, boy with book
anemone = see Windflower
Angel, 8″ and 11″ h sizes (papka)
Angel ‘Annunciation’
angel baby (baby in angel costume) reclining (glazed, 1950s)
angel baby (baby in angel costume) with finger to mouth (glazed, 1950s)
angel baby (baby in angel costume) lying on tummy (glazed, 1950s)
angel baby on cloud, circa 1980s, unglazed = see Cherub on Cloud
angel bust (papka) with flowers and open halo, in Angels and 1940s Papka
angel candlesticks (pair, ca. 1950s): in Angels and in Giftware
Angel Child Ornament [no image]
Angel Heads pair, 6″x7″
Angel holding airplane (papka)
angel kneeling in prayer, long hair (glazed, 1950s)
angel kneeling/sitting, long hair, with hands to cheek (glazed, 1950s)
angel ornament, winged infant = see Cherub Ornament

Angel Ornament with Star Halo
Angel Ornaments, Annual 1985-1988
‘Angelic Orchestra’ set of six in papka:
angel Cellist
angel French Horn Player
angel Guitarist
angel Lyricist with sheet music
angel Mandolinist
angel Violinist
Angel with Flower (papka)
Angel wearing Halo, 6″ and 8″ sizes (papka)
angel wearing halo, kneeling, holding bouquet of roses (ca. 1950s)
angel wearing halo, sitting, holding bouquet of flowers (ca. 1950s)
angel wearing halo made of metal wire (torso only; papka)
angel wearing pigtails, singing from scroll (glazed, ca. 1950s) in Angels and Beauty Pageant
angel with rose on skirt (glazed, ca. 1950s)
Angels, 3″ h (papka)
Angels in Adoration
animal head wall decoration
Apache ‘Chato’
Appaloosa Colt
Apple Blossoms
Apollo 11 = see Tranquility Base
April (special edition of Pandora)
April Rain (duckling with umbrella)
Arctic Fox
Arion the Dolphin Rider
Aunt Betsy Trotwood (frog in a dress)
Australian Greater Sulphur Crested Cockatoos
Autumn Glow plaque
Azaleas with Cerulean Warbler

Baa Baa Black Sheep
baby angel = see angel baby
Baby Bluebird
Baby Boy Head
Baby Bust
Baby Duckling
Baby Girl Head
Baby Harp Seal ‘Arctic Pup’
Baby in Cradle
Baby Lamb, 3″ high
Baby Owl: in Owls and in Early Birds
Baby Rhino ‘Love is Blind’
Baby Rhino ‘Monday’
baby rhino with blue butterfly
Baby Robin
Baby Sheep with long neck, 1940s papka
Baby Sparrow
Baby Swan
Baby White Crested Sparrow
Bacchus bust
Bacchus Vase
Bald Eagle, with and without base
Ballerina ‘Little Princess’
Ballerina ‘On Cue’
Ballerina ‘Red Shoes’
Barnaby the Bicentennial Circus Bear (both colorways): in Bulls & Bears; in Circus; and in Color Confusion
Baseball Player
Beagle Pups ‘Branigan and Clancy’
Beaked Bird Head
Bear (a/k/a Grizzly Bear)
Bear Cub Sitting, with and without Holly decoration
Bear Cubs (two together)
bearded man bust, similar to Cordey, ca 1940s
bearded man’s head with open top, ca. 1940s
Beau Brummel
Beavers ‘Egbert and Brewster
Bedtime Beth
Bedtime Jody
Begorrah Bunny
Bell with Praying Hands
(see also Christmas Bell, Holiday bells, Wedding Bell)
Berry Plate
Betsey Bobbin (special event edition of Wendy)
Betty Blue: in Pink & Blue and in Nursery Rhymes
Big Top the Circus Dog: in Dogs and in Circus
bird, abstract, ca. 1940s, 8″ h prototype
Bird Head on Base (white bisque, ca. 1982 special event piece)
bird on a melting branch, papka
Bird on Blossom Tree, papka, 11″ h
Bird on Branch, papka, 6″ h
Bird on Lilac Tree, papka
bird on rocks, dark feathers and webbed feet = see Wilson’s Storm Petrel
Bird on Rose Tree, papka
Bird on Tree, papka, 12″-13″ high
Bird With Pink Shell Azalea plaque, ca. 1940s, prototype
Bison, reclining
Black Bear ‘Brendon’
Black Beauty
Black Capped Chickadee with Dogwood
[black horse with gold decoration]
Black Vase with Ribboned Doves
Blackfeet ‘Beaverhead’ Medicine Man
Blossom Candlestick (papka)
Blue Gray Gnatcatchers
Blue Headed Vireos with Lilac
Blue Vireo Building Nest
Bluebird ‘By the Garden Wall’
Bluebird of Happiness Vase
Blush Orchid
Bo Bo the Musical Bear: in Music and in Bulls & Bears
Bobwhite quail, male and female (late 1960s)
Body Cast with Bird’s Head
Bonbonierre Baptismal Shell, later reissued as Baptismal Font
book (glazed, ca 1950s) = see Prayer Book or Plaque/Book Shape

boy head on base = see Head of Boy
boy (possibly Jesus?) holding a cross
boy with Christmas stocking = see Holiday Child
boxer (dog, glazed)
Braided Head, 7″ high
Branch with Apples plaque
Bridal Centerpiece/Cake Topper
Bride and Groom Miniature
Bride, Commemorative
bride with long hair and tiered skirt
bridesmaid = see Young Rose
Bridled Titmouse pair
Bud Vase with Doves, white (a/k/a Wedding Vase)
Buffalo (small)
Buffalo II (Hall of Fame replica)
Bull ‘God of the Thunderbolt’
Bunnies ‘Cotton, Puff and Snow’
Bunny, white, 6.5″ high, one paw raised
Bunny ‘Bisquit’
Bunny ‘BonBon’ (plus various iterations)
Bunny ‘BonBon with Santa Hat’
Bunny ‘Cuddles’
Bunny Grad, female and male
Bunny ‘Heartfelt’
Bunny ‘Jellybean’
Bunny ‘Liberty’
Bunny ‘Mr Snowball’
Bunny ‘Muffet’
Bunny ‘Pat-a-Cake’
Bunny ‘Pat-a-Cake in White with Carrot’ numbered special event edition
Bunny ‘Patrick’
Bunny Patriot
Bunny Prince
Bunny Princess with Gold Crown
Bunny ‘Puttin’ on the Irish’
Bunny ‘Puttin’ on the Ritz’
Bunny ‘Snowflake’
Bunny with Bonnet, sitting
Bunny with Bonnet, standing
Bunny with Carrot
Bunny with Yellow Ribbon
Burro ‘Benjamin’
Burro ‘Fitzgerald’
Burro, reclining
Bust of Christ, 17″
butterfly motif historical reproduction cup, saucer and plates, ca. 1940s

cabbage rose motif small plate, historical reproduction, ca. 1940s
Cal the Musical Cat: in Cats and in Music
Calla Lily
Camel from 1950s nativity set
Camel I (standing)
Camel II (standing)
Camel III (kneeling)
Camel Tender (matching hobby mold)
Camellia ‘Pink Taffeta’
Candlestick, Bird on Branch (papka)
candlestick(s) with gold accents and applied rose, 3.75″ h, ca. 1950s
Carnation Boy
Carolina Paroquet
Carousel Bear ‘Bernhard’: in Carousel and in Bulls & Bears
Carousel Buffalo
Carousel Bull ‘Plutus’: in Carousel and in Bulls & Bears
Carousel Charger
Carousel Elephant ‘Jumbo’
Carousel Giraffe ‘Sir Cuthbert’
Carousel Goat
Carousel Horse
(Carousel Horse) Golden Thunder
Carousel Horse ‘Ticonderoga’
Carousel Lion
Carousel Pony ‘Patriot’
Carousel Pony ‘Sugarplum’
Carousel Reindeer
Carousel Seahorse
Carousel Unicorn: in Unicorns and in Carousel
Carousel II Bear: in Carousel and in Bulls & Bears
Carousel II Bull: in Carousel and in Bulls & Bears
Carousel II Llama
Carousel II Pony
Carousel II Tiger
cat/kitten with ball, ca. 1950s
Charging Buffaloes
cherub flying horizontally over a cloud, ca. 1980s
Cherub Head pair, wall mounted, 4.55″ x 4″
Cherub Plaque pair, wall mounted, rococo style, 6.75″ h
cherub on cloud with red heart
Cherub Ornament (5″ h, winged infant angel with either pink or blue sash) in Angels and in Body Snatching
Cherub(s) sold as a pair, 5″
Cherub(s) sold as a pair, 8″
Chess Set
Chi Chi and the Bear (bear wearing fedora hat with golf motif)
Chicks ‘Downy and Lemon’
Child bust with lace collar and bangs = see Susan
Child Clown Head ‘Funny Face’ boy clown head: in Child Busts and in Circus
Child Clown Head ‘Valentine’ girl clown head: in Child Busts and in Circus
child clown head with playing card motif = see Lucky
child with Christmas stocking = see Holiday Child
Chinese Goddess ‘Kwan Yin’
Chinese Hexagonal Bud Vase
Chinese Round Bud Vase
Chinese Square Bud Vase
Chinese Vase (small, medium, and large)
Chipmunk with Bloodroot
Chippy with Nuts
Choctaw ‘Tascalusa’
Choir Boy
Christ Child in Crib
Christ Child ‘Joy of Angels’
Christ Child with Lamb
Christmas Bells = see also Holiday Bell links for 1990s bells
Christmas Bell, circa 1950s/early 1960s
Christmas Bell 1983, blue version (bird/holly/berries)
Christmas Bell 1983, green version (bird/mistletoe/bow)
Christmas Bell 1987 (roses/holly/berries)
Christmas Bell with Holly, 3.5″ high
Christmas Rose
Christopher ‘The Sea Listener’
Chrysanthemum Vase
Cinderella at The Ball
Cinderella, Belle of The Ball
Cinderella, Golden (50th) Anniversary Edition
Circus Elephant ‘Alexander, He’s the Greatest’: standard edition in Circus; both colorways in Color Confusion
Circus Elephant ‘Phineas’
Circus Horse Trio ‘Showtime’: in Circus and in Horses
circus poodles: see Pierre (green hat) and Je T’aime (red bow)
Circus Rider ‘Equestrienne Extraordinaire’: in Circus and in Horses
Classical Motif, 8″ high, pastel colors
Clematis with House Wren
Cleopatra Bust
clowns: juggling = Frollo; with dog = Rumples; with duck = Jumbles
Colonial Basket
Colts ‘Darby and Joan’
Columbia (for Apollo 11 astronauts)
Columbia (retail edition)
Comanche chief medallion
Condesa Rose
Conductor’s Hands ‘The Maestro’ (a/k/a Symphony of a Conductor’s Hands)
‘Constancy’ Cherokee Roses with Violets flower basket
Court Jester
Cow, reclining
Cowboy (little boy)
creamer, lusterware, hunting scene design (ca. 1940s-1950s)
creamer, octagonal, historical reproduction (ca. 1940s-1950s)
Cree ‘Magic Boy’
Crow Dancer ‘Great Thunder’
crown, small white with gold decoration, for Collectors Society
Crown Crested Crane
Crucifix, 12″ h
Crucifix, 20″-21″ h
Crucifix ‘Corpus Christi’
crucifix on wooden cross
Crucifix Plaque
Crucifix ‘Redeemer of the World’
Crucifix, Rouault Style
Cupid Bowl Award
Cupid with Heart
Cupids (pair)
Curtain Call
Cybis sign, 2.5″ high. See also Dealer Display Signs for all Cybis signs

Daddy’s Little Girl: in Children to Cherish and The Bonnet Girls
Daisy Vase
Dakota ‘Laughing Water’ Minnehaha
Dall Sheep
Dandy the Dancing Dog: in Dogs and in Circus
Dapple Grey Foal
David, Shepherd Boy
Dealer/Display Signs
Decorated Horse Head ‘Satin’
Deer in Motion (single deer)
Deer Mouse ‘In Clover’
Desiree the White Deer
‘Devotion’ Roses with Lilacs flower basket
Dogwood and Mountain Laurel
Dolphin Sitting on Tail
dormouse dressed in a tuxedo
Dormouse ‘Maximilian’: in Into the Woods and Color Confusion
Dormouse ‘Maxine’: in Into the Woods and Color Confusion
Dove with wings upright
Dove in Flight
dove pair = see Turtle Doves
Dream of Venus: in Classical Impressions and in Mythology
Drummer Boy ‘Nicky’
Duckling ‘Baby Brother’
Ducklings ‘Buttercup and Daffodil’
Dutch Crocus ‘Blue Enchantress’
Dutch Crocus ‘Golden Goblet’

Eagle Atop the Palisades
Eagle Bowl
eagle cup plate reproduction, painted design
eagle cup plate reproduction, pressed design
Eagle Dancer II and III (less than 18″ high)
eagle sitting on a book = see Happy Birthday America
eagle salad plate reproduction, painted design
Easter Egg Box, probably 1950s
Ecce Homo
Egg, Annual (1983-1986)
Egg Box, ca. 1950s, 4″ high
Egg Embellished with Gold
Egg Vase with Eagle Lid: in Patriotic, in Decorative Eggs, and in Vases
Egg With Flowers (probably 1950s, came in Small and Large)
egg with patriotic images and eagle on top, on plinth
Eight Maids a-Milking holiday ornament
Elaine, Lady of the Lake
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Elephant ‘Willoughby’
Eleven Pipers Piping holiday ornament
Elizabeth Ann
Emily Ann
(The) Enamored Prince Florimund
(The) Enchanted Princess Aurora
Encore: in Skaters and in Sports
English Cocker Spaniel
Eros (Cupid Head)
Eskimo Child Head ‘Nanuq, Little Polar Bear’
Eskimo Child Head ‘Snow Bunting’
Eskimo Girl Head
Eskimo Mother
Europa and The Bull
Eve in The Garden
Eyes of Amber Folio one lithograph

fairy in conical hat and holding a flower (papka)
fairy in folk art style, 2.5″ high (papka)
Fan Place Card Holder
Fawn, ca. 1950s, 4″ high
Felicia, Flutist
‘Felicity’ Black Eyed Susans with Peach Blossom and Trailing Arbutus flower basket
female and male heads and masks, assembled group, circa 1940s
fetish, 12″ h (papka, ca. 1940s)
Figure Eight: in Skaters and in Sports
Fire Dancer
First Bath
First Born, Virginia Dare
First Bouquet (event version of First Flight)
First Flight
First Steps (Mother and Child) in Mystery 1960s Pieces and Cybis for Mothers Day
Five Golden Rings holiday ornament
Flight Into Egypt
Floral Bouquet in Relief plaque, ca. 1940s
floral trinket box with rose lid, ca. 1939
Flower Bouquet of the United States
Flower Girl
flower, lace and wheat motif pressed cup plate reproduction
Flower Plate
flower posy with bow
flower pot or low cachepot, birds & flowers decoration, prototype
Flower Tree (6″ h, ca. 1940)
Folk Singer: in Music and in Color Confusion
Folk Toys, various male and female, circa 1940s
Foo Dog, circa 1940s
Football Player
Four Calling Birds holiday ornament
Fox in Woodland, ca. 1950s
Fox Sparrows
Foxes ‘Chatsworth and Sloane’
Frollo, Juggler
Funny Face = see Child Clown Head

Garden of Eden Bowl
Gemini Bowl
George Washington Bust on base: in Historical and Patriotic
George Washington torso: in Historical and Patriotic
George Washington as a full figure = see Mr. President
Ginger Jar(s)
Girl Gathering Flowers with Chipmunk
girl head on base = see Head of Girl
girl in peasant costume with large floral headdress = see The Bride
Girl on Pony: in Horses and Children to Cherish
Girl Picking Daisies
Girl Riding on Turtle: in Children to Cherish and Flights of Fantasy
girl with Christmas stocking = see Holiday Child
Girl with Lamb
Girl with Pearls, 10″, ca. 1940s
Girl with Roses, 12″, ca. 1940s
Girl with Violets and Roses, 10″, ca. 1940s
goddess with twin children (unreleased 1970s prototype)
Goat, 9″, ca. 1940s
Golden Clarion (lily)
Golden Crown Kinglets with Crab Apple
Golden Crowned Kinglets, ca. 1960s, 10″ high
Golden Eagle
Golden Mallards: in Early Birds and in Holland Molds
Golden Prince: in Collectors Society and in Princes & Paupers
Golden Princess
Golden Winged Warbler with Andromeda
Goldilocks and Panda ‘Bear’: in Fairytales and in Bulls & Bears
Goldfinch with Violets
Golf Bunny ‘Bogie’
Golf Bunny ‘Bunkie’
Golf Bunny ‘Gimmie’
Golf Bunny ‘Mulligan’
Golfer Bear with Holly
Gone Fishing
Good Queen Anne
grapevine candle cups
Gray Haired Girl, 12″, ca. 1940s
Great Horned Owl (ca. 1950s) in Owls and in Early Birds
Great Horned Owl ‘Koo Koos Koos’: in Owls and in Later Birds
Great White Heron
Greek Head
Green Girl, 12″, ca. 1940s
Guardian Angel, circa 1950s
Guardian Angel, circa 1990s: in Angels and in Nativity Set
Guinevere (bust; for seated figure, see Queen Guinevere)

Happy Birthday America (eagle on book)
Head of Boy: in Hall of Fame Editions and in Child Busts
Head of Girl: in Hall of Fame Editions and in Child Busts
Head of Saint John
Heart Box, small and large; ca. 1950s. See Thinking of You for the 1970s heart box
Heavenly Angels, 1987 angel ornament
Heavenly Music plaque
Helen of Troy prototype, never produced
helmet shaped bust with eye slits, white bisque, possibly not Cybis
Henry Clay cup plate reproduction
Herald Angel from 1950s nativity set (matching hobby mold)
Here Comes the Bride
Hermit Thrush with Cranberry Cotoneaster
High Rise
Hippo ‘Baseball Fan’/’Play Ball’ (retail version and special pencil holder)
Hippo ‘T.G.I.F.’
hippo with butterfly on nose
Holiday Bells = see also Christmas Bell links
Holiday Bell with Christmas Tree
Holiday Bell with Sleigh
Holiday Bell with Wreath
Holiday Bell with Wreath, Christmas Tree, and Sleigh
Holiday Child(ren), six different variations
Holiday Rose with Holly
Holy Child of Prague, ca. 1950s
Holy Child of Prague II, ca. 1989
Holy Child of Prague Inside a Tree
Holy Child of Prague Plaque: in Holy Child of Prague and in Plates/Plaques
Holy Family (ca. 1950s) see also Pillar of Families
Holy Family (ca. 1990s)
Holy Family Plate/Plaque
Holy Ghost Plaque
Holy Water Font ‘Crucifixion
Holy Water Font ‘Holy Ghost’
Holy Water Font ‘Lamb of God’
Holy Water Font ‘Our Lady of Grace’
Horse, 8″ h, ca. 1940s
Horse Head ‘Racer’
Horse formed in a horseshoe shape, ca. 1940s, papka
Horse in terracotta, ca. 1940s
Horse With Mane, 8″ h, ca. 1940s
house motif plate, painted, historical reproduction (ca. 1940s-early 1950s)
Huey the Harmonious Hare: in Music and in Bunnies
Humpback Whale

Icarus: in Classical Impressions and in Mythology
Ilona (‘Serenity’)
Image Makers Folio one lithograph
Indian Boy Head ‘Little Eagle’
Indian Girl Head ‘Running Deer’
Indian head medallion = see Comanche Chief Medallion
Indian Warrior (a/k/a Proud Warrior)
Indomitable Spirit Folio one lithograph
Iris circa 1960s, with wood base
Iris circa 1990s
Iris Candlesticks
Iris Compote
Iris Pedestal/Footed Dish
Iris Vase
Iroquois ‘At the Council Fire’ Dekanadwida and Atotarho

Jack and the Beanstalk
Jane Eyre
Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair
Jesus bust, 7″ h
Jesus bust, height unknown
Jesus Most Obedient
Jesus as young boy, full figure, with one hand raised
Je’Taime: in Dogs and in Circus
Jogger, Female
Jogger, Male (a/k/a Lance, the Jogger)
John F. Kennedy Tribute
Jonah on Wave (painting on sculpture, also signed Ivers)
Jonah Plaque (also signed Ivers)
Joy rose stem
Jug Vase
Jumbles and Friend

Kara (girl on the beach)
Kateri Tekakwitha ‘Lily of the Mohawks’
Kestrel (Sparrow Hawk)
King Arthur
King David
King Solomon
Kinglets on Pyracantha
Kitten (with blue ribbon)
kitten/cat with ball (ca. 1950s)
Kitty Fisher
Kneeling Angel (ca. 1950s; see also Nativity Angel Kneeling)
Knight in Shining Armor

(The) Lady and the Unicorn
lady bust with hat with long pink ribbons = see Sabrina
Lady Elizabeth
Lady Face Vase
Lady Godiva: in Historical and in Color Confusion
Lady Macbeth (original 1970s edition, 13″ high)
Lady Macbeth II
Lady Macbeth III
Ladybug ‘Duchess of Seven Rosettes’
Lamb (3.25″ high; head tilted slightly upward)
Lamb (4.75″high; head turned to side)
Lamb ‘Mandy’
(see also Two Lambs)
Lamb of God Plaque
Lamp, spatterware Rooster pattern, ca. 1940s
Large Llama, ca. 1940s
Leda and The Swan: in Classical Impressions and in Mythology
Liberty, ca. 1980s
Liberty II, ca. 1990s
Liberty III
Liberty Bell
lily, pink, single bloom with thin metal(?) anthers
Lion Head Plaque, bas relief
Lion, Reclining
Lisa and Lynette
Little Angel: in Angels and in Nativity Set
Little Blue Heron
Little Bo-Peep
Little Boy Blue
Little Chick
Little Foal
Little Gymnast
Little Heart
Little Jamie, boy with chicks
Little Miss America, a/k/a Little Miss Liberty
Little Miss Muffet: in Nursery Rhymes and The Bonnet Girls
Little Princess (Collectors Society piece)
Little Red Riding Hood
Lizard on Tray = see Tray with Baby Lizard
Llama, 14″, ca. 1940s
Love Song Rose
Lowicz Mother and Baby
Lucky (special edition clown head with playing-card motif)
Lucy Locket
Lullaby Baby on Moon

Madonnas only
Because there are so many madonnas, they are grouped into this separate section before all of the other ‘M’ sculptures. Not all of the 1950s madonnas were given retail names (or if they were, their name is unknown); these are shown in all lowercase under the heading “unnamed madonnas”. The named madonnas then follow alphabetically.
Unnamed Madonnas, all from the 1950s:
bust on pedestal, with pink rose and lace-edged veil
bust (5″ high; draped veil with thin lace underveil)
bust (17″ high)
bust, precursor to Queen of Angels, 8″ high
bust with blue-on-white patterned veil, and hands in front
bust with blue veil, patterned
bust with blue veil (on low self-pedestal): in early madonnas and in Holland Molds
bust with cut-out eyes, 12.75″ high, wearing blue patterned veil
bust with halo (glazed, color, marked both Cybis and Cordey)
bust with pensive expression, looking downward (on base, with single rose)
bust with pink rose and lace-edged veil
madonna and child applied to book-shaped plaque
madonna and child, seated (wearing halo and with one foot extended): in early madonnas and in Holland Molds
madonna and child, standing (both with gold skin)
madonna and child bust, 3.5″ high
madonna and infant, 3/4 figure madonna holding child, 8.75″ high
standing, hands together in prayer, crown of flowers (17-18″ high)
standing, hands together in prayer, halo, eyes closed looking down (13″ high)
standing, hands atop one another at chest level, rose crown and at feet (11″ high)
Named Madonnas:
Bust of Virgin Mary, 17″
Byzantine Madonna
Comforter of the Afflicted
House of Gold seated madonna and child; but see also the original Cordey version
Immaculate Heart of Mary (bust on pedestal, 1950s, approx 7″high)
Immaculate Heart of Mary (a different bust, no pedestal, 1950s, 9″ high)
Immaculate Heart of Mary wall plaque showing a small bust in relief
Lady of Grace
Madonna and Child (17″ high)
Madonna Angelica (see also the Angelica/Queen of Angels identification guide.)
Madonna bust (closed eyes and tilted head; sometimes called ‘Madonna with Blue Veil’ although only one version has a blue veil)
Madonna Most Pure
Madonna with Baby (standing, 1989 reissue; flower in hand)
Madonna with Bird, original 1956 edition
Madonna with Bird, 1989 Replica and 1990s Hall of Fame editions
Madonna with Lace (ca. 1990s; upsized 6.5″ reissue of retired 1960s Madonna with Lace Veil)
Madonna with Lace Veil (bust, 4.5″ high, circa 1960s)
Madonna with Lily
Madonna with Rose
Mary, kneeling with arms crossed (part of 1980s Nativity Set)
Mother Most Admirable (bust; 7″-8″ high) Various iterations shown.
Mother Most Admirable with Halo (two sizes, 7.5″ and 9.5″)
Mother of Divine Grace
Our Lady of Fatima
Our Lady of Lourdes ‘Healer of the Sick: in early madonnas and in Holland Molds
Queen of Angels, original 1950s issue
Queen of Angels, upsized later 1980s issue
Queen of Angels with fancy crown supported by cherubs (possibly Queen of the Universe?)
Queen of Angels with crown of dogwood flowers and daffodils
Queen of Angels/Madonna Angelica special identifcation guide
Queen of Peace: in Later Madonnas and in Signatures and Marks
Queen of The Universe (see also in the identification guide)
Rose Madonna
Spiritual Vessel (8″ high)
The Annunciation, with and without wood halo: in early madonnas and in Holland Molds
Walking Madonna

Madame Butterfly
Magnolia ‘Southern Belle’
Magnolia with Bird
‘Majesty’ Dogwood and Mountain Laurel flower basket
man in Asian costume, signed M.B. Cybis
Mandarin Man
Mandarin Woman
Man’s Head (white bisque, 16″ high, ca 1940s)
Man’s Head (white, looking up with open mouth, on base) ca. 1940s
Man’s Head in brick motif with open top, 16″ high
Marguerite, Mandolin
Marc Antony Bust
Mary (part of 1980s Nativity Set)
Mary Mary: in Children to Cherish and The Bonnet Girls
Maryland Yellowthroat
Medieval Horse
mermaid (6″ high)
Mermaid (wearing seashell crown; 9.5″ high)
(see also Sea Nymph and Sharmaine for mermaids)
Merve the Musical Mouse
Mick the Melodious Mutt: in Music and in Dogs
Millenium Ornament (2000)
Mini Rose
Miniature Infant/Holy Child of Prague
Mint Tray
Modern Vase
Monkey ‘Bosun’
Mosaic Head of Christ plaque
Mosaic Head of Virgin Mary plaque
Moses on Rock (painting on sculpture, also signed Ivers)
Moses Plaque: in Plates/Plaques and in Old Testament
Moses Plaque (small, painted, also signed Ivers)
Moses, the Great Lawgiver
Mother and Child Heads, 14″, ca. 1940s
mother, bare-breasted, seated, with baby = see Lowicz Mother and Baby
Mother Bear with Three Cubs: in Bulls & Bears and in Mothers Day
Mother’s Child ‘First Steps’ = see First Steps (Mother and Child)
Mothers Day Plate: in Plates/Plaques and in Mothers’ Day
Mountain Laurel with Butterfly
Mr. President
mug with handle in shape of woman, autumn leaves
mug with handle in shape of woman, blue leaves
mug with handle in shape of woman, ornate gold decoration  (two mugs)
Mushroom ‘Jack-O-Lantern’

Nancy and Ned (sledding)
Nativity Angel, kneeling (arms open): in Angels and in Nativity
Nativity Angel II, standing (arms in front): in Angels and in Nativity
Nativity Angel III, standing (arms open): in Angels and in Nativity
Nativity at Lowicz porcelain based on the painting = see Lowicz Mother and Baby
Nativity Set, Porcelain Murals circa 1950s
Nativity Set ‘The First Christmas’ (1980s onward)
Nature’s Beauty rose plaque
Nefertiti (seated)
Nefertiti Bust
Neptune Dish
Nestling Bluebirds on Cockspur Hawthorn
Nestling Owls ‘Harriet, Hawk and Hood’: in Owls and in Later Birds
New Jersey Animal, The Horse
New Jersey Bird, The Goldfinch
New Jersey Flower, the Violet
New Jersey Vase with Violets
Nine Ladies Dancing holiday ornament
Noah on Wave (painting on sculpture, also signed Ivers)
Noah Plaque (small, painted, also signed Ivers)
Noble Eagle
Nun, Praying
Nun, Singing
Nude Woman with Plinth

Old Man with Beard, 14.5″ h, ca. 1940s
Old Woman Folio one lithograph
Onandaga ‘Hiawatha’
Oremus Hands plaque
Oriental Boy ‘Cheerful Dragon’ (Shi Lun)
Oriental Girl ‘Lotus Blossom’ (Lien Hua)
Otters ‘Baxter and Doyle’
Oval Basket Tray (small, medium and large)
Oval Dish, ca. 1955, 8″
Owl ‘Snowy’ (Baby Owl with holly; additional named owls are also in the Owls post)

Palm Warbler [no image]
Panda Bears: in Fairytales and in Bulls & Bears
Panda with Cub
Pansy ‘China Maid’ (yellow)
Pansy ‘Crinoline Lady’ (purple)
Papillon elephant (possibly an elephant with butterfly wings)
Partridge Ball Ornament
Partridge in a Pear Tree holiday ornament
Partridge in a Pear Tree paperweight
Patty Pink
Pegasus Candlestick, 1940s papka
Pegasus Colts ‘Flight and Fancy’
Pegasus ‘Free Spirit’
Penguin: in All at Sea and in Later Birds
Penguins ‘Stepping Out’: in All at Sea and in Later Birds
Peony Flower plaque, ca. 1940s, prototype
Percy the Blue Ribbon Pig
Persephone (original; 14.5″ high)
Persephone II
Persephone III
Peter Pan
Petunia the Pet Doe
Pheasant,  in Early Birds and in Holland Molds
Pheasant (Ring Necked), 16″ high, 1960s-70s
Pheasant, Ring Necked in flight (OOAK prototype)
Pierre the Performing Poodle: in Dogs in Circus
pieta, circa 1950s
Pig ‘Plato’
Pink Cameo rose stem
Pink Dogwood ‘Blush of Spring’
[pink dogwood with nest and butterfly]
Pink Parfait Rose (a/k/a Pink Condesa Rose)
Pintail Duck
Pinto Colt
Pip, the Elfin Player
plaque, book shape with Madonna and Child
plaque with pink rose, flat (non-relief) = see Nature’s Beauty
Polar Bear, 3″ x 4″
Pony with Children: in Horses and Children to Cherish
Poodle ‘Je’Taime’: in Dogs and in Circus
Pope John Paul II = see The Pope
pope seated on throne = see Saint Peter on throne

Poppy the Performing Pony: in Horses and in Circus
Poseidon-face dish = see Neptune dish
Powder Box (round with bird)
Prairie Dog ‘Poko’
Prayer Book, The Lord’s Prayer (standard version and vase version)
Prayer Scroll, Hail Mary
Preening Baby Swan, with and without hat
Pride Runs Deep Folio one lithograph
Prima Ballerina
Proud Warrior = see Indian Warrior
Pueblo ‘Eagle Dancer’ (orig. edition, 18.5″ high; see Eagle Dancer II and II for smaller sizes)
putti wall decoration (single putti, with drapery)

Queen Esther
Queen Guinevere (seated figure; for bust, see Guinevere)
Queen of Sheba
Queen Titania: in Shakespeare and in Fantasy

Raccoon ‘Raffles’
Rapunzel in pink, apricot and lilac
Rapunzel II, 7″ high
Reindeer Ornament
rhinoceros = see Baby Rhino
Ribbon of Hope Rose in three design sizes, for breast cancer awareness
Richard the Lionheart
Ring Bearer
Ring Box, round, various
Ring Box with Chrysanthemum Flower lid
Ring Box with Indian Head lid
Ring Box with Trenton City Seal lid
Roberta (blue color variant of Young Rose)
Robin (girl head with flowers)
Robin Hood
Robin with Blue Blossom, papka
rocking horse
Rolls Royce hood ornament = see Spirit of Ecstasy
Romance Heart Box with flowers; see also Wedding Heart Box
Romeo and Juliet
Rosa Alba
Rose in four colorways
Rose Ginger Jar
Rose Jar
Rose ‘Joy’
Rose ‘Pink Cameo’
Rose Red
[rose stickpin]
Rose ‘Tiffany’
Rose White
Ruffles and Truffles
Rumples the Pensive Clown
Rusty and Jonny (playing marbles)
Ryder Cup Heart Box
Ryder Cup Trophy

Sacred Heart of Jesus bust
Sacred Heart of Jesus full figure
Sacred Heart of Jesus wall plaque small bust
Saint Anne with Mary
saint, female, unidentified, approx. 16″ h.
Saint Francis, 13″-14″ h.
Saint Francis Xavier
Saint Francis with Doves
Saint Francis with Doves and Lambs
Saint Joseph
Saint Jude
Saint Patrick
Saint Peter on throne
Saint Peter with key
Saint Philomena
Saint Pius
Saint Theresa
Scottie, 2.5″ high
Scottish Terrier
Screech Owl (?), small, single
Screech Owl and Siblings: in Owls and in Later Birds
Sea King’s Steed ‘Oceania’
Sea Nymph
Seal ‘Sebastian’: in Circus and in All at Sea
Seated Angels, pair (papka)
Seven Swans a-Swimming holiday ornament
Sharmaine the Sea Nymph
Shepherd Bearing Gifts (1950s nativity)
Shepherd with Flock (1950s nativity)
Shepherdess with Christmas Rose and sheep, 5″x18″ [no image]
ship motif toddy plate, historical reproduction, various versions
Shoshone ‘Sacajawea’
signs = see Dealer/Display Signs
Silent Thoughts Folio one lithograph
Single Pink Rose Stem circa 1982
Sir Henri Escargot
Sir Henry, the Knight
Sioux ‘Wankan Tanka’ Great Spirit
Six Geese a-Laying holiday ornament
Ski Bunny
Skier, male and female pair
Skipper and Jens (playing leapfrog)
Skylark pair
Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Squirrel
Snowden Crocus
Soccer Player
Solitary Sandpipers
Southern-belle child = see under Young Girl
spatterware reproductions, Peafowl motif (various pieces and colorways)
spatterware reproductions, Rooster cup plate in yellow
spatterware reproductions, Schoolhouse motif (various pieces and colorways)
Spirit of Ecstasy
Spring Bouquet
Spring Promise plaque
square box with rose on lid, ca. 1950s
Squirrel ‘Mr. Fluffy Tail’
Stallion’s Head = see Horse Head ‘Racer’
star, hearts and flowers motif cup plate historical reproduction
Stars and Stripes heart box: in Patriotic and in Giftware
Strawberry Boy
Summer Dreams plaque
Sun of Justice
Susan (ca. 1950s bust of little girl with bangs, ponytail and dipped lace collar)
Suzanne, girl with kitten
Swan Lake’s Odette and Siegfried
Swans in Motion (includes Swan/wings out and Swan/wings up)
(The) Symphony of a Conductor’s Hands (a/k/a Conductor’s Hands ‘The Maestro’)

Tabitha (grey sleeping kitten)
Taffy, Toffee and Tiger
Tan Bear
Tang Dynasty Figure I ‘The Student’
Tang Dynasty Figure II
Tang Dynasty Figure III
tankard with handle in the form of a lady, ca. 1940s
Tea Set, Black with White Floral Decoration, 8 pcs., ca. 1940s
Tea Set, Yellow with Brown Leaf Decoration, 8 pcs, ca. 1940s [no image]
Teal Ducks [no image but same as Golden Mallards which are shown]
Ten Lords a-Leaping holiday ornament
Tender Feelings
The Acrobat
The Buccaneer
The Farewell Folio one lithograph
The Little Match Girl
The (Polish) Bride
The Pope, bust, in various sizes and colors from 10.5″ to 14″ high
The Pope, bust, 8″ high
The Prince
The Professor dormouse: [no image] in Color Confusion and Into the Woods
The Prophet (male bust with hand raised)
The Twelve Days of Christmas holiday ornaments
Theron the Hunter
Thinking of You heart box in pink/blue, golden/ivory/ and red/pink
Thinking of You heart box, red/white/blue Bicentennial: in Patriotic and in Giftware
Three French Hens holiday ornament
Three French Hens paperweight
Three Little Pigs
Three Wise Men grouped on a single base (1950s nativity)
three womens’ heads wall decoration
Tiffany rose stem
Timeless Ritual Folio one lithograph
toddy plate historical reproductions = see spatterware and ship
Topaz (orange sleeping kitten)
Tower of Strength
Tranquility Base ‘Apollo 11 Moon Mission’
Tray with Baby Lizard
Tree plaque
Tree with Bird, papka, 10″ high
Trenton Savings Bank Anniversary Bald Eagle
Tristan and Isolde
Tulip Cup
Turtle Doves ‘Doves of Peace’
Turtle ‘The Baron’
Twelve Drummers Drumming holiday ornament
Two Lambs
Two Turtle Doves holiday ornament
Two Turtle Doves paperweight

Unicorn, 8″-9″ high, ca. 1940s [no image]
Unicorn Head ‘Prince Brocade’
Unicorn ‘Lord Bentley’
Unicorn Plaque: in Unicorns and in Plates/Plaques
Unicorn ‘Sir Bailey’ (see also special variants Mistletoe and Tender Feelings)
Unicorn Vase
Unicorns ‘Gambol and Frolic’

Valentine = see Child Clown Head
Valley Quail
Vanessa, Violinist
Vanished Dreams Folio one lithograph
vase in rococo style with gold accents and applied rose spray, ca 1940s-50s
vase in white bisque floral pattern, gold rim, 11″ h, ca. 1950s
vase(s), small/miniature in rococo style with roses, 3.75″ h, ca 1945
vase with flared bottom in various solid colors (black, white, and gold), ca. 1950s
vase with flared bottom, white bisque with applied roses, ca. 1950s
vase with flared bottom, white bisque with spray of applied flowers, ca. 1950s
vase with lady face on front
vase with unknown business logo, red white and blue
Victorian Santa Plate/Plaque
Virginia Bluebells Ginger Jar
Vulcan, probably bust, 15″ high

Walrus, Joe the Skipper (one of a kind)
Walrus ‘Wellington’
wall decoration/candelabra of woman or angel head, plaster, ca. 1940s
Water Lily with Frog
We the People paperweight
Wedding Bell
Wedding Heart Box: in Giftware and in Wedding
Wee Willie Winkie
[Wendy in blue and floral decoration]
[Wendy in apricot carrying flowers]
White Tailed Deer (trio)
White Vase with Doves: in Wedding
Wild Duck: in Early Birds and in Holland Molds
wild duck at waterside
Wilson’s Storm Petrel pair
Winged Horse, 8″, ca. 1940s
‘Wolf Hunter’ protoype, never produced
Woman with Birds, 15″ high, 1940s prototype
Woman with Rose Buds, 14″, 1940s prototype, glazed
Woman’s Head (short hair, green patina) ca. 1940s
Woman’s Head Encased in green, brown and white clay, ca. 1940s
Woman’s Head in Terra Cotta, ca. 1940s
Woman’s Head with Flowers
(woman’s) Head with Harvest Wreath
Woman’s Head with V-shaped open top/back, mottled brown, ca. 1940s
Wood Duck
wood nymph/woman’s head with two birds, ca. 1940s
Wood Wren with Dogwood
Woodchuck ‘Roly Poly’
Woodlands Bear Scene
Woodlands Deer Scene, ca. 1950s
Woodlands Elephant Scene
Woody Owl: in Owls and in Later Birds
Woolie Bear

Yaqui ‘Deer Dancer’
Yankee Doodle Dandy
Yellow Bird with Pink Blossom, papka
Yellow/gold flower with lobed leaves and ladybug
Yoga, Girl in Motion
Young Ballerina ‘In the Spotlight’ = see Ballerina ‘Red Shoes’
Young Brave
Young Eagle = see Bald Eagle
young girl bust (prototype model, never introduced)
young girl figure with basket of flowers and large hat, glazed, ca. 1950s (also in Bonnet Girls post)
Young Rose: in Children to Cherish and Color Confusion

Boleslaw Cybis paintings, 1920s-1940s
catalogs, brochures, price lists and books
Cybis phoenix logo jewelry
Folio One series of Native American portrait lithographs
Polish Portraits lithographs
Stone garden sculptures by Marja Cybis, circa 1930s

(“figure” indicates a full or 3/4 length figure; “bust” indicates a bust only)
Asian man & woman busts with flowers and snakes
Asian man & woman figures, red and black, with blue flowers
Asian man & woman figures, with claw-like fingers
(see also Mandarin Man and Mandarin Woman, listed below)
ballet dancer, male
bird on flowering branch/small tree
can-can dancer
candlesticks, pair, each with a cherub
card or letter holder decorated with roses
cat, longhaired, reclining, in various colorways
cat, longhaired, sitting upright, in various colorways
cherub perched on trinket dish
Chinese Coquette (lady) in two colorways
Chinese Goddess
Christmas Tree in two styles and sizes
coffee service, gold on white with applied pink roses
cornucupia vase with rose, pair, plus matching round trinket box
cup and saucer, blue and white net pattern
cup and saucer, freeform, with roses
dealer/retail display sign
duck with neck stretched upward
ducks, crested male and female pair
girl or lady figure, holding bouquet, full-lace dress
lady bust #4014, in various decorations including a dual-signature example
lady bust, emerging from green leaves
lady bust, glazed all white, long hat ribbons
lady bust wearing flower-topped bonnet with narrow ribbons
lady bust, with helmet-shaped hat
lady bust, with roses, leaves, and headscarf
lady face wall mask with scarf, ringlets, and flower(s)
lady figure carrying flowers in one arm
lady figure holding skirt out in a curtsey pose (dual signature example)
lady figure in Asian garb
lady figure in ball gown made entirely of dipped lace
lady figure (3/4 length) in black dress
lady figure (3/4 length) in dark brown and green outfit
lamb (or fawn?) with leaves and flowers on its tail
lamps in numerous styles can be found in the Cordey Lamps post which also shows vintage Cordey lamp advertisements
lidded jar, small, chrysanthemum shaped
lidded jar, small, water buffalo or hippopotamus
madonna and child, seated
madonna bust with halo (dual signed Cordey and Cybis)
male bust #4013 in various decorations and colorways, including dual signature
male figures in Regency dress and hairdo, decorated in pink and blue (two)
male figure holding both sides of coattails out to the sides (dual signature example)
Mandarin Man
Mandarin Woman
mirror, oval, gold on white with roses
pheasant with head lowered and tail upright
Pilgrim man and woman busts
plate, handpainted design of roses, gold rim
round box with bird on lid
shoe with lace trim
square ashtrays or small plates with nesting bird in relief
“Sir Walter Raleigh” bust
Summer Girl
trinket box, round with roses on lid
trinket box, round, with pile of roses and lady head on lid
vase in an upright cornucopia shape, see Cornucopia Vase
vase in the shape of a swan
vase, white bisque, with leaf motif
wall clock with birds and flowers, Lanshire movement
wide low bowl on pedestal, painted leaves motif
Winter Girl

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