Visual Index of Cybis Porcelain Human Figures and Busts

If you have not been able to identify a Cybis human-figure sculpture because you do not know its name and thus cannot find it in the Name Index, this page may be able to help.


If your piece is signed M. B. Cybis, please see this Archive post. These pieces often look like Cordey in design.

For any religious figure, look in the applicable post: Jesus bust/figure, 1950s madonna bust/torso, 1950s madonna full figures, post-1960 madonna figures and busts (will never be glazed), angels, saints and pope, nativity scene/grouping, or individual nativity figure.

If the figure has wings but is not an angel or a bearded male flying, it is in the Flights of Fantasy post, unless the figure is leaning against a heart; that figure is in the Giftware post.

All the Cybis busts of children are on the Child Portrait Busts page. Adult busts are shown on this page under their respective gender heading.

If it is a child kneeling and looking into a Christmas stocking, it is one of the Holiday Children.

If it is a small sleeping baby on a crescent moon or in a crib/cradle, look in the Giftware post. However, if a lamb is next to the baby, the piece is from the second Nativity series

If your piece depicts a Native American/American Indian, it is in the North American Indians post.

If it is a ballerina, it is in the Ballet post.

Only seven Cybis pieces combined a male and female figure on a single base; they are shown in the final section of this page. The three non-religious mother-and-child figures are in the Females section here.

Some Cybis pieces were made in more than one colorway, and/or may have slightly differing decorative elements; for example a pink version of Betty Blue was made one year as a gallery event piece, and some standard retail pieces were offered both in plain white and in color. The examples shown below represent a standard retail version of that particular design and so it’s possible that yours might vary.

Each thumbnail is a link to the Archive page on which that piece is illustrated and described.

There is no Visual Index for non-human Cybis figures and objects. However, those can be easily found by looking under the appropriate Category link (Animals, Flowers, Giftware/Home Decor, etc.) The Category links are on the right-hand side of every post (and also above the footer) on desktop and laptop displays, but are all pushed to the bottom on mobile devices. Unfortunately, I have no control over the mobile device layout.

The images below are arranged so as to provide a symmetrical desktop/laptop display layout and a usable view of the sculpture. They are not arranged alphabetically, chronologically, nor in size-proportion to one another.  

Some mobile devices will not display this particular page as it was designed to look, but the thumbnail links will still operate.


Lady Godiva, Suzanne, Sleeping Beauty

Lisa & Lynette, Circus Rider, Leda & the Swan

First Bath, Eskimo Mother, Sabrina

Unidentified girl and baby, Cinderella at the Ball, Cybele

Rose White, Kitri, Pandora

Scheherazade, Alice in Wonderland, First Flight/Bouquet

Dawn, Elizabeth Ann, Rose Red

Girl Picking Daisies, Little Miss Muffet, Abigail Adams

The Lady & the Unicorn, Sharmaine, Aphrodite

Clarissa, Shirley, Mermaid

Cinderella Belle of the Ball, Rapunzel, Guinevere

Scarlett, Thumbelina, Columbine

Little Princess (Collector’s Club), Springtime, The Acrobat

Pollyanna, Vanessa, Fleurette

Spirit of Ecstasy, Jeanie, Young Rose/Roberta/Bridesmaid (depending on color)

Beatrice, Rebecca, Gretel

The Little Match Girl, First Born, Bedtime Beth

Portia, Columbia, Girl with Lamb

Little Gymnast, Persephone, Goldilocks & Panda Bear

Little Red Riding Hood, Nefertiti, Flower Girl

Here Comes the Bride, Madame Butterfly, Birth at Lowicz

The Polish Bride, Queen Esther, Mary Mary

Alice, The Swimmer, Wendy (various)

Juliet, Queen Guenevere, Golden Princess

Bride Commemorative, Cinderella, Desdemona

Kara, Jane Eyre, Marguerite

Priscilla, Encore, Nefertiti Bust

Choir girl with book (ca. 1950s), Queen of Sheba, Laura

Emily Ann, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Little Miss Liberty

Enchanted Princess Aurora, Lady Elizabeth, Dream of Venus

Felicia, Good Queen Anne, Cleopatra

Berengaria, Kwan Yin, Gone Fishing

Elaine Lady of the Lake, Figure Eight, Heidi

Girl with Chipmunk, A Star is Born, Ophelia

Female Jogger, Melissa, Allegra

Daddy’s Little Girl, Liberty, Little Bo Peep

Camille, Bathsheba, Carmen

Lady Macbeth, Betty Blue, Kitty Fisher

Lucy Locket, Edith, Pinkie

Examples of various circa-1940s lady busts






Madonna with Lily, Eve with Cain and Abel




Ilona (Serenity)


Tang Dynasty I, Little Boy Blue, Shepherd with Gifts (ca. 1950s)

Little Jamie, Camel Tender (ca. 1950s), Shepherd with Flock (ca. 1950s)

Three Kings/Wise Men (ca. 1950s), Rusty & Jonny, Theron

Infant of Prague, Child of Prague (ca. 1950s), Mini Infant of Prague (partial)

Yankee Doodle Dandy, Nicky the Drummer Boy, King Arthur

Puck, Christopher the Sea Listener, Tang Dynasty II

Tang Dynasty III, Pip the Elfin Player, Rumples

Skipper & Jens, George Washington bust, Melchior

Court Jester, Andy, Icarus

Michael, Arion the Dolphin Rider, Moses

Balthasar, Wee Willie Winkie, Hamlet

Richard the Lionheart, Noah, Jack & the Beanstalk

Peter Pan, Enamored Prince Florimund, Jumbles & Friend

Baa Baa Black Sheep, Robin Hood, Folk Singer

Harlequin, Soccer Player, Joseph

Ring Bearer, Altar Boy (ca. 1950s), Caspar

The Pauper, Shepherd, Mark Antony

Bedtime Jody, Little Cowboy, The Buccaneer

The Prince, King Solomon, Hansel

Beau Brummel, Frollo, Choir Boy

Oberon, Baseball Player, Golden Prince (Collector’s Club)

Pagliacci, Sir Henry, David the Shepherd Boy

Othello, Bridegroom, Football Player

male Jogger, King David, Mister President

Balthasar (1950s nativity king), The Blue Boy


Pony & Children, Nancy & Ned, Swan Lake’s Odette

Romeo & Juliet, Tristan & Isolde, Miniature Bride & Groom

Knight in Shining Armor

If your Cybis does not appear on this page and is also not in any of the posts described in the first part of this post, please feel free to send me a photo for identification. There is a contact-page link below.

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