Can’t Find Your Cybis in The Archive? Here’s a Cheat Sheet.

Are you trying to identify a Cybis porcelain whose name is unknown to you? Here are a few helpful tips for locating it within this website.

Human Figures

As of March 2021, there is a Visual Index for the identification of human figures and busts. However, it’s important to read the introductory paragraph before you start looking in the thumbnails for your item! Certain categories of human figures are NOT shown on that page, because they are more easily found in other posts. For example, all the Native American pieces have a dedicated Archive post, as do the ballet pieces. There are other posts that are narrowly focused on a certain genre of Cybis human figure; the links to those posts are in the introduction to the Visual Index.

Several posts are based on shared design attributes and can also help you find your ‘anonymous’ Cybis person quickly. If it represents a baby or child and shows the head/neck or head/neck/shoulders only, it will be in Child Portrait Busts. Does she wear or hold a hat? Look in Bonnet Girls.

There are only four Cybis pieces in which a doll appears: Wendy, Michael, Elizabeth Ann, and the Holiday Children.

All of the Cybis pieces (human or otherwise) that originally came with, or were attached to, a base can be seen in this post.

If the piece is in the religious genre, simply click on the Religious/Biblical category of the Archive and proceed from there. Angels and the first and second nativity sets reside in this category also.

Non-Human Sculptures/Items

It is easier to locate these than you might think.

Readers who view this site on a mobile device may not be aware that there is a sidebar full of category links according to the various types of Cybis sculptures (Animals, Birds, Flowers, etc.) On a laptop or desktop display, these run along the righthand side of the page; but on a mobile device they are – unfortunately – pushed down to the bottom, below the section showing the most recent posts. Therefore, this handy page element can be easily missed.

It is very easy to find the posts relating to the various types of non-human Cybis figures by clicking on the relevant category link and looking at the post links inside it. There is a category for Cordey topics, although it is not and never will be exhaustive; this is a site about Cybis, not Cordey, after all. 🙂

You will also see the “Useful Cybis Topics” master category. This includes posts about identifying, authenticating, buying and selling Cybis, as well as quite a few about the studio and its history, and profiles of the individual artists.  There a Design Number List and an Introduction Year List as well, for the Cybis Nerds among us! (of which I obviously count myself as one)

If after checking via these methods you still do not see your Cybis sculpture anywhere in the Archive, please contact me at the link below and I will reply via email to which you may send a photo.

Name Index of Cybis Sculptures
Visual Index (for human figures/busts only)

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What is Cybis?

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