Cybis Porcelains by Introduction Year

Although most overviews of Cybis porcelains are arranged by sculpture type (genre and/or edition) it can also be interesting to look at them from a production standpoint: i.e., what the studio introduced for retail and when. The list below aims to do just that, arranged by retail introduction year and broken down into limited and open (non-limited) editions.

There is one huge caveat that must be kept in mind with this list, however: It does not include every Cybis sculpture currently known and/or shown in this Archive. This is due to several factors.

Unlike many other porcelain studios, both in the USA and abroad, Cybis did not – with only a handful of rare exceptions – indicate the issue/introduction year on any of their items. That said, even the studios that did indicate them, often did not do so on every single sculpture.

Some Cybis pieces, especially those from the late 1970s and the 1980s, do have an impressed year in the mold but that is the copyright year – not the introduction year. It’s possible that in some cases (if the piece in question was an Autumn release) they could be the same, but in a number of instances the copyright year has preceded the issue year by anywhere from 1 to 5 years. Thus, in-mold copyright years are not a useful indicator of retail introduction year.

Again, this is a list of pieces with confirmed introduction years ONLY. It is not a list of every known Cybis sculpture.

The 1940s

The 1940s, being the first decade of the Boleslaw and Marja Cybis studio, wasn’t a ‘retail distribution’ one in the standard sense. Their small atelier was comparable to that of a local artist with a correspondingly local and personal clientele. There was some retail going on, but most of it was either under the Cordey branding or with pieces that look exactly like Cordey but were signed M.B. Cybis instead. (An upcoming post will discuss these transitional pieces.)

A few of the 1940s ‘artsy’ sculptures have a year as well as a signature but some of those marks were applied a half-century later. All other 1940s dating is done in ranges and appeared in only one Cybis publication, the 1970 museum exhibit catalog Cybis in Retrospect. A typical item description reads “1940-42” or “c. 1949” or “1948-1952” or “c. 1950s.” The ‘circa’ designation simply means “best guess”, of course.

There are several posts in the Archive showing 1940s Cybis items specifically; they can be found at the 1940s Cybis category link.

1950s Introductions

The 1950s is the first decade in which we can talk about Cybis retail distribution in the normal sense, i.e., that there were one or more salesmen going from retailer to retailer in order to secure orders. Unfortunately, it’s also the decade in which we have the biggest research gaps because to date, no catalog or price list has come to light from that time. It’s likely that they were simply typewritten sheets or Xeroxed copies that were discarded in the trash when the next one was created. The Cybis studio even admitted as much in their 1973 catalog which has a one-page title-only list of some past sculptures with a disclaimer that “In the early years no formal records were kept.”

The Appendix in the 1978 and 1979 catalog printings is longer but by no means complete. Out of 58 pieces cited there as having been made in that decade, only 17 of them specify a particular year; all of the others say simply “1950s” in the Date Released column. There are actually more circa-1950s Cybis pieces shown here in the Archive than are included in any literature published by Cybis.

Therefore, the list below contains only those 1950s pieces for which there is a known (cited by Cybis or in a contemporary retailer’s advertisement) year of retail introduction.

For some pieces there is a discrepancy in the cited issue year between two different Cybis publications (Cybis in Retrospect and the 1978/79 catalog.) Those cases are noted by “alt(ernate) Cybis pub(lication) says [whatever year the other one says]” after the name.

Because the earliest price list I currently have is from 1963, there are some items on it that almost certainly were introduced in the late 1950s although I don’t know what year. These have a parenthetical note as well.

This list will be continuously updated as any missing introduction-year data is discovered; such updates will be noted on the What’s New in the Archive page.

Again, this is by necessity an extremely limited list of definitely-known 1950s retail introduction years. The introduction year of the vast majority of Cybis pieces from this decade will probably never be known. There are many 1950s Cybis pieces whose titles and introduction years will never be known, although they are known to exist and photos of them are in this Archive.

Limited editions: none known
Open editions:
Bluebird ‘By the Garden Wall’

Limited editions: none known
Open editions:
Angels in Adoration pair
Fox in Woodland
Madonna with Bird (alt. Cybis pub. says 1956)
Magnolia with Bird

Limited editions: none known
Open editions:
American Eagle Pair in white
Guardian Angels Pair
Holy Ghost Wall Plaque

Limited editions: none known
Open editions:
American Eagle Pair in color

Limited editions:
Holy Child of Prague
Open editions:
Great Horned Owl
Madonna with Bird (alt. Cybis pub. says 1953)

Limited editions:
Turtle Doves ‘Doves of Peace’
Open editions:
Baby Owl
Golden Mallards
House of Gold
Palm Warbler
Teal Ducks (variant of Golden Mallards)
Valley Quail
Wild Duck

Limited editions:
Europa and the Bull (actual intro year uncertain)
Fox Sparrows (actual intro year unknown but was closed before 1963)
Skylarks pair
Open editions:
Kneeling Angels
Maryland Yellowthroat
Peter Pan

Limited editions: none known
Open editions:
Tinker Bell

1960s and 1970s Introductions

Record keeping (or at least, reporting!) improved in these decades thanks to Marylin Chorlton taking over as owner/director. The introduction year information here comes from a combination of the 1978/79 catalog appendix and actual Cybis price lists which were distributed in the Spring and Fall of each year. Starting in the 1970s, the price lists spotlighted the new introductions for that season and this practice continued into the 1980s.

Limited editions:
Bull ‘God of the Thunderbolt’
Flight Into Egypt
Little Blue Heron
Pheasant (Ring Necked)
The Prophet
Open editions:
Azaleas with Cerulean Warbler
Baby Lamb on base
Blue Headed Vireo Building Nest
Bridled Titmouse, Female (alt. Cybis pub. says 1961)
Bridled Titmouse, Male (ditto)
Bunny (unknown early 1960s intro)
Dawn (alt. Cybis pub. says 1962)
Golden Crowned Kinglets
Goldfinch (alt. Cybis pub. says 1961)
Madonna with Lace Veil
Red Shoes
Two Lambs on base

Limited editions:
Golden Clarion Lily
Sea Nymph (actual intro year uncertain)
Open editions:
Baby White Crested Sparrow

Limited editions:
Blue Gray Gnatcatchers (pair)
Open editions:
Bunny ‘Mr. Snowball’
Carolina Paroquet, Female
Carolina Paroquet, Male
Dawn (alt. Cybis pub. says 1960)
Duckling ‘Baby Brother’
First Flight (1962 or 1963)
Heidi in white bisque
Horse Head ‘Racer’

Limited editions:
Moses the Great Lawgiver
Open editions:
Blush Orchid
Fox in white and in color
Head of Boy
Head of Girl
Mother’s Child ‘First Steps’
On Cue
Wood Wren with Dogwood

Limited editions:
Crown Crested Crane (one of a kind)
Floral Bouquet of the United States (one of a kind)
JFK Tribute
Great White Heron (alt. Cybis pub. says 1965)
Saint Peter on throne
Open editions:
Albino Buffalo
Alice in Wonderland, white and color
Branch with Apples plaque
Burro ‘Fitzgerald’
Robin Hood, white and color
Rose (same mold as Condesa) in white, pink, and red
Yellow Condesa Rose

Limited editions:
Christmas Rose
Solitary Sandpipers (pair) (alt. Cybis pub. says 1966)
Open editions:
Raccoon ‘Raffles’
Squirrel ‘Mr. Fluffy Tail’

Limited editions:
Open editions:
Heidi in color

Limited editions:
Blue Headed Vireos with Lilac (pair)
Conductor’s Hands ‘The Maestro’
Folk Singer
Guinevere bust
Open editions:
Baby Boy Head
Baby Girl Head
Kitten with Blue Ribbon

Limited editions:
Baby Bust
Calla Lily
Wood Duck
Open editions:
Little Princess
Madonna bust with tilted head and blue veil
Sir Henri Escargot

Limited editions:
American Screech Owl with Virginia Creeper
Blackfeet ‘Beaverhead’ Medicine Man
Clematis with House Wren
Dakota ‘Laughing Water’ Minnehaha
Onandaga ‘Hiawatha’
Open editions:
Darby and Joan
Madonna bust with tilted head in white bisque

Limited editions:
Dutch Crocus ‘Blue Enchantress’
Dutch Crocus ‘Golden Goblet’
Folio One lithograph set
Tranquility Base ‘Apollo 11 Moon Mission’
Open editions:
Comanche Chief medallion attached to Folio One
Deer Mouse ‘In Clover’
Mushroom ‘Jack O Lantern’

Limited editions:
Cree ‘Magic Boy’ in white bisque
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Shoshone ‘Sacajawea’
Open editions:
American Bullfrog ‘Enchanted Prince’
Appaloosa Colt

Limited editions:
American Crested Iris with Bobwhite Chick
Autumn Dogwood with Chickadees
Chess Set (original presidential gift, and proofs)
Kwan Yin
Limnettes: twelve designs within three series, as follows:
The Wonderful Seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter
Everyone’s Fun Time: The Pond, Country Fair, Windy Day, and The Seashore
When Bells are Ringing: Easter Egg Hunt, Merry Christmas, Sabbath Morning, and Independence Celebration.
Pansies ‘China Maid’
Rapunzel in pink
Open editions:
Eskimo Child Head ‘Snow Bunting’
Madonna bust, reissue of a 1950s piece but with edge of lace peeking out underneath top veil
Pinto Colt

Limited editions:
Carousel Goat
Carousel Horse (alt. Cybis pub. says 1972)
Eskimo Mother
Iroquois ‘At the Council Fire’
The Enamoured Prince Florimund
The Enchanted Princess Aurora
Open editions:
Goldilocks and Panda ‘Bear’ (alt. Cybis pub. says 1972)
Little Red Riding Hood
Panda Bears, companion piece to Goldilocks (alt. Cybis pub. says 1972)

Limited editions:
Apache ‘Chato’
Carousel Lion
Carousel Tiger
Golden Winged Warbler with Andromeda
Mary Mary
Queen Esther
Snowden Crocus (one of a kind)
Open editions:
Betty Blue
Eros, Cupid Head
Gretel (alt. Cybis pub. says 1973)
Hansel (alt.Cybis pub. says 1973)

Limited editions:
American Buffaloes group (one of a kind)
American White Buffalo
Bicentennial Carousel Horse ‘Ticonderoga’
Great Horned Owl ‘Koos Koos Koos’ in white and in color
Lady Macbeth, original edition
Pansies ‘Crinoline Lady’
Rapunzel in apricot
Open editions:
Barnaby the Bicentennial Bear, in brown
Bonbonniere/Baptismal Shell in pink and in blue
book ‘Poems for Children and Other People’
Elephant ‘Alexander, He’s the Greatest’
George Washington (bust)
Indian Boy Head ‘Little Eagle’
Indian Girl Head ‘Running Deer’
Ladybug ‘Duchess of Seven Rosettes’
Lidded Heart ‘Thinking of You’ in ivory and in pastel shades
Monkey ‘Bosun’
Rose Jar
Tabitha (sleeping kitten as grey tabby)
Topaz (sleeping kitten as orange tabby)
Turtle ‘The Baron’
Yankee Doodle Dandy

Limited editions:
Abigail Adams
American White Turkey
American Wild Turkey [same piece except for colorway and name]
Chipmunk with Bloodroot
Colonial Basket
Poppy the Performing Pony
Open editions:
Barnaby the Bicentennial Bear, in white
‘Constancy’ Cherokee Roses with Violets basket
‘Devotion’ Roses with Lilacs basket
‘Felicity’ Black-eyed Susan with Peach Blossom basket
‘Majesty’ Dogwood and Mountain Laurel basket
Bunny ‘Muffet’
Eagle Atop the Palisades in white bisque (one year only, but see also 1990)
Egg Vase with Eagle Lid
Elizabeth Ann
First Bouquet (1976 retailer event piece; version of First Flight)
Funny Face child clown head
Funny Face with Holly
Lidded Heart ‘Thinking of You’ in red-white-and-blue
Prairie Dog ‘Poko’
Sebastian the Seal

Limited editions:
Apple Blossoms
Crow Dancer ‘Great Thunder’
Hermit Thrush with Cranberry Cotoneaster
Sea King’s Steed ‘Oceania’
Queen Titania
Unicorns ‘Gambol and Frolic’
Open editions:
Bunny ‘Pat-a-Cake’
Clematis, mauve
Dandy the Dancing Dog
Dormouse ‘Maximilian’
Ducklings ‘Buttercup and Daffodil’
Evangeline (1977 dealer event piece; blue version of Melissa)
Little Bo Peep
Rusty and Jonny ‘Playing Marbles’
Skipper and Jens ‘Playing Leapfrog’

Limited editions:
Court Jester
Good Queen Anne
Kinglets on Pyracantha (pair)
Rapunzel in lilac
Satin, Decorated Horse’s Head
Open editions:
Alice [from Children’s Hour]
Bunny ‘Bisquit’ (white version of Pat-a-Cake)
Clematis, white
Dormouse ‘Maxine’
Lisa and Lynette
Little Boy Blue
Nancy and Ned ‘Sledding’
Nestling Bluebirds on Cockspur Hawthorn

Limited editions:
Circus Rider ‘Equestrienne Extraordinaire’
Commemorative retail-edition Chess Set
Pip the Elfin Player
Sioux ‘Wankan Tanka’ The Great Spirit
Spirit of Ecstasy [private commission]
Open editions:
Baby Chicks ‘Downy and Lemon’
Christopher ‘The Sea Listener’
Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair
Lamb ‘Mandy’
Oriental Boy ‘Cheerful Dragon’
Rumples the Pensive Clown

1980s Introductions

The 1980s is a decade in which there are also some unfortunate ‘research black holes.’ Only two more new catalogs were produced by the studio: in 1982 and 1986. The 1982 catalog has an abbreviated Appendix which only shows the Issued and Completed years for the 100 items that are illustrated within it.  The 1986 catalog contains no appendix or issue/closure year information at all.

The late 1980s introductions are where we find the start of the “variants trend” in which Cybis took a previously-released piece (such as the bunny Bon Bon), decorated it in a slightly different way, and gave the piece its own separate name and price point. Because these were designated by the studio as New Introductions they are listed here but their original source sculpture is also noted.

Limited editions:
Arctic Fox
High Rise
Holy Child of Prague Plaque
Pegasus Colt ‘Free Spirit’
The Bride (a/k/a/ “The Polish Bride”)
Open editions:
1980 Holiday Child (green Noel stocking and panda bear)
Bunnies ‘Cotton, Puff and Snow’
Cinderella at the Ball
Condesa Rosa, Yellow (not the same as the 1960s rose of similar name)
Oriental Girl ‘Lotus Blossom’
Lady Jogger (aka Jogger, Female)
Lance, The Jogger (aka Jogger, Male)
Little Miss Muffet
Madonna ‘Queen of Peace’
Pink Parfait Rose (alternate colorway of Condesa Rose Yellow)

Limited editions:
Arion the Dolphin Rider
Beavers ‘Egbert and Brewster’
Carousel Bear ‘Bernhard’
Carousel Bull ‘Plutus’
Carousel Pony ‘Sugarplum’
Desiree the White Deer
Holy Child of Prague Plaque
Humpback Whale
Jane Eyre
Juggler ‘Frollo’
Mohawk ‘Kateri Tekakwitha’
Moses Plaque
Pegasus Colt ‘Free Spirit’ with yellow ribbon for Iran hostages [private commission]
Saint Peter
Unicorn Head ‘Prince Brocade’
Open editions:
1981 Holiday Child (bow stocking and teddy bear)
Adoration in color and white bisque
Baa Baa Black Sheep
Bunny ‘Bon Bon’
Drummer Boy ‘Nicky’
Cupid Bowl Cybis Award (not sold at retail, but presented to a person for the first time this year)
Karina ballerina
Little Jamie
Madonna Angelica
Muffy/Fluffy white sheep
Percy the Blue Ribbon Pig
Rosa Alba

Limited editions:
Carousel Giraffe ‘Sir Cuthbert’
Choctaw ‘Tascalusa’
Dall Sheep
Lady Godiva
Persephone, original edition
Richard the Lionheart
Sleeping Beauty
Spring Bouquet
Spring Promise framed plaque
Summer Dreams framed plaque
The Phoenix
Theron, the Hunter
Open editions:
Angel ‘Annunciation’ in color or white bisque
Baby Harp Seal ‘Arctic Pup’
Betsey Bobbin (gallery event exclusive)
Big Top the Circus Dog
Emily Ann
Joy (pink rose stem, 4.75” long)
Kristina ballerina
Nativity series, Christ Child with Lamb
Nativity series, Joseph
Nativity series, Mary
Pink Cameo (3.5” long version of Joy)
Single Pink Rose Stem
Sir Bailey
Taffy, Toffee and Tiger
Tiffany (4” long version of Joy)

Limited editions:
Autumn Glow framed plaque
Kittens ‘Ruffles and Truffles’
Mother Bear with Three Cubs
Queen Guinevere
Winter Song plaque
Open editions:
1983 Annual Egg with lily of the valley
1983 Christmas Bell ornament
1983 Holiday Child (candycane stocking and clown doll)
April (1983 retailer event piece; version of Pandora)
Bacchus Vase
Bear Cub
Bell with dove and mistletoe
Bunny ‘Jellybean’
Burro ‘Benjamin’
Choir Boy
Chrysanthemum Bud Vase
Daisy Vase
David the Shepherd Boy
Flower Plate
Gemini Bowl
Iris Compote
Kitten ‘Chelsea’
Lucy Locket
Mother of Love madonna and child
Nativity series, Balthasar
Nativity series, Caspar
Nativity series, Melchior
Pig ‘Plato’
Rose Ginger Jar (probable issue year)
The Little Match Girl
Virginia Bluebells Ginger Jar (probable issue year)
Walrus ‘Wellington’
Wee Willie Winkie
Woody Owl

Limited editions:
A Star is Born
Australian Sulphur Crested Cockatoos (25)
Camellia ‘Pink Taffeta’ [intro year either 1984 or 1985]
Carousel Charger
Cree ‘Magic Boy’ in color
Jack and the Beanstalk
Love Song
Madame Butterfly
Pegasus colts ‘Flight and Fancy’
Pueblo ‘Eagle Dancer’
Open editions:
1984 Annual Egg in a mesh pattern
Adam’s Vase (later renamed Eden Vase)
Baseball Player ‘Little Champ’ (a/k/a Young Baseball Player)
Berry Plate
Elephant ‘Phineas’
Grapevine Candle Cups
Iris Candlestick
Iris Pedestal Dish (1984 or 1985)
Iris Vase
Kitty Fisher
Nativity series, Camel I
Nativity series, Nativity Angel kneeling
Nativity series, Shepherd
Reindeer Ornament
Woody Owl

Limited editions:
Carousel Unicorn
Figure Eight
Jumbles and Friend
King Arthur
King David
Liberty (original edition)
Otters ‘Baxter and Doyle’
Romeo and Juliet
Tristan and Isolde
Yaqui ‘Deer Dancer’
Open editions:
1985 Angel Ornament
1985 Annual Egg with orange and peach flowers
Baby Rhino ‘Monday’
Baby Swan
Beagle Pups ‘Branigan and Clancy’
Bunny Mr. Snowball with Holly (originally named Mr. Holly but changed)
Bunny ‘Snowflake’
Elephant ‘Willoughby’
Felicia, Flutist
Marguerite, Mandolinist
Nativity series, Cow
Valentine with Holly
Vanessa, Violinist

Limited editions:
Foxes ‘Chatsworth and Sloane’
Leda and The Swan, in white bisque
Rose Red
Rose White
Sir Henry
T’ang Dynasty I ‘The Student’ in white bisque
The Lady and The Unicorn
White Tail Deer
Open editions:
1986 Angel Ornament
1986 Annual Egg with forget-me-nots
Bedtime Beth
Bedtime Jody
Bunny ‘Patrick’ (variant of Snowflake)
Dapple Grey Foal
Dove with upright wings
Hippo ‘T.G.I.F.’
Huey the Harmonious Hare
Little Angel
Little Miss America
Lullaby Baby on Moon
Mick the Melodious Mutt
Nativity series, Donkey (year probable but not confirmed)
Pierre the Performing Poodle

Limited editions:
Bride, Commemorative
Carousel Seahorse
Elaine, Lady of the Lake
King Solomon
Lucky child clown head [private commission]
Madonna with Lily
Mothers Day Plate
Mr. President George Washington
Queen of Sheba
Rose Plaque ‘Nature’s Beauty’
Ryder Cup Trophy [private commission]
T’ang Dynasty II ‘The Nobleman’, in white and in color
Young Brave a/k/a Indian Boy
Open editions:
1987 Angel Ornament ‘Heavenly Angels’
1987 Christmas Bell
A Tisket, A Tasket
American Rose, available in choice of yellow, white, or pink
Baby Rhino ‘Love Is Blind’ (variant of Baby Rhino ‘Monday’)
Black Capped Chickadee with Dogwood
Bluebird of Happiness Vase
Bo Bo the Musical Bear
Bridal Centerpiece/Cake Topper
Cal the Musical Cat
Cupid with Heart
Dove (with upright wings)
Dove with upright wings and Holly added
Eagle Bowl
‘First Born’ Virginia Dare [open edition but a certain amount were numbered]
Golden Eagle
Heartfelt, Bunny with Heart Chain (variant of Snowflake)
Hippo with Butterfly (1987 retailer event piece; variant of Hippo TGIF)
Holiday Rose with Holly
Je’Taime poodle (different color version of Pierre)
Liberty Bell
Liberty Eagle
Little Heart (variation of Clarissa)
Lord Bentley
Merve the Musical Mouse
Mini Rose
Nativity series, Lamb (year probable but not confirmed)
Penguins ‘Steppin’ Out’
Petunia the Pet Doe
Pony and Children
Ring Box
Romance Heart Box with Flowers
Romance Heart Box with Rings
Rose Madonna
Ryder Cup Heart Box [private commission]
Ski Bunny
Stars and Stripes Heart Box
The Pauper
The Prince
Victorian Santa Plate
Young Rose

Limited editions:
American Bald Eagle
Carousel Elephant ‘Jumbo’
Dream of Venus in white bisque or in color
Leda and The Swan in color
Sharmaine the Sea Nymph
Swan Lake’s Odette and Siegfried
Swans in Motion (pair)
T’ang Dynasty I ‘The Student’ in color
Open editions:
Black Bear ‘Brendon’ (color variant of 1983 bear cub)
Black Beauty
Black Vase with Doves
Bride and Groom Miniature
Bud Vase with Doves (aka Wedding Vase)
Bunny Grad, Female (variant of Bon Bon)
Bunny Grad, Male (variant of Bon Bon)
Carousel II Llama
Carousel II Bear (1988 or 1989)
Carousel II Bull (1988 or 1989)
Carousel II Pony (1988 or 1989)
Carousel II Tiger (1988 or 1989)
Carousella (display unit)
Flower Girl
Goldfinch with Violets
Little Gymnast
Nativity Angel II (standing)
Nestling Owls ‘Harriet, Hank and Hoot’
Pony and Children
Preening Baby Swan (variant of Baby Swan with head position changed)
Ring Bearer
Strawberry Boy
Tender Feelings (variant of Sir Bailey)
Woodchuck ‘Roly Poly’

Limited editions:
Carousel Horse ‘Golden Thunder’
Circus Horse Trio ‘Show Time’
Cleopatra Bust
Holy Child of Prague II, hall of fame replica
Knight in Shining Armor
Marc Antony Bust
The Pope bust, 12” high, in multiple colorway and base options
The Pope bust, 14” high, multiple colorway and base options
Open editions:
Baby Duckling
Bunny ‘Bunnykins’
Carnation Boy
Daddy’s Little Girl
Golden Crown Kinglets with Crab Apple Blossoms
Holy Family Plaque
Madonna with Baby, 50th Anniv. stamp
Madonna with Bird re-issue/50th Anniv. Stamp
Nativity Angel II (standing)
Panda with Cub
Partridge in a Pear Tree ornament
Preening Baby Swan with Hat (customizable pink or blue)
Three Little Pigs
Unicorn Plaque
Victorian Santa Plaque
Water Lily with Frog
* Starting this year, the Nativity pieces also became available in a white-with-gold-accents version 

1990s Introductions

Limited editions:
American Bald Eagle in white
American Bald Eagle in color
Deer in Motion
Golden Anniversary Cinderella (Belle of the Ball)
Holy Child of Prague II (Hall of Fame replica)
Liberty II (Hall of Fame replica)
Persephone II (first Hall of Fame replica)
T’ang Dynasty III in white and color (if even made for retail; this is uncertain)
The Pope, 8” high, “white tone on tone”
The Pope, 10.5” high, gold and white
Open editions:
Baptismal Font in pink or blue
Bunny Bon Bon with Holly
Bunny Jellybean with Holly
Bunny Snowflake with Holly
Bunny with Carrot
Nativity Burro, Reclining (re-issue of retired 1983 Benjamin)
Cinderella, Belle of the Ball
‘Easter’ Egg Embellished with Gold
Football Player
Girl Gathering Flowers with Chipmunk
Girl with Lamb
Golf Bunnies: Gimme, Bunkie, Bogie, and Mulligan (standard editions)
Gone Fishing
Here Comes the Bride
Holiday Bell with Wreath
Little Chick
Little Cowboy
Madonna Embellished with Gold
Madonna with Rose
Sleeping Squirrel
Snowy (winter/holiday variant of Baby Owl)
Soccer Player
Three Little Pigs
Two Turtle Doves ornament
Unicorn Plaque
Young Eagle (soon renamed Bald Eagle) in color

Limited editions:
Ballerina ‘Curtain Call’
Carousel Horse ‘Patriot’
Circus Horses, Show Time
Open editions:
1991 Cherub Ornament (blue decoration)
1991 Christmas Angel Ornament (later re-named Angel Child Ornament)
American Bald Eagle III with Flag, in white bisque (Desert Storm Commemorative)
Bear in brown or black (taken from 1980s Mother Bear With Three Cubs) 4.75” high
Boy Head (Hall of Fame replica)
Bull (later renamed Taurus)
Bunny ‘Liberty II’ (Desert Storm commemorative)
Bunny Prince
Bunny Princess
Bunny ‘Puttin’ on the Ritz’
Bunny with Yellow Ribbon (variant of Snowflake; Desert Storm commemorative)
Dolphin, Large (taken from Arion the Dolphin Rider; 5.5” high)
Girl Head (Hall of Fame replica)
Girl Holding Daisies ‘He Loves Me’ (later renamed ‘Loves Me, Loves Me Not’)
Golf Bunnies with Holly Decoration
Holiday Bell with Christmas Tree
Liberty III (second Hall of Fame replica and with Desert Storm emblem)
Little Miss Liberty II (this is probably the yellow-ribbon version)
Little Swimmer
Nativity Camel in three color options
The Acrobat
Three French Hens ornament
White Vase with Doves

Note: These two Cybis pieces were introduced in either Fall 1991, or in 1992. If anyone happens to have either the introductory brochure, or a price list from autumn 1991 or any from 1992, please let me know; there is a contact form link at the bottom of this page.
Limited edition: Nefertiti Bust
Open edition: Baby in Cradle, in choice of pink or blue (this is the baby/bassinet item from the 1980s Adoration)

Limited editions: none confirmed
Open editions:
1992 Cherub Ornament (pink decoration
1992 Christmas Angel Ornament (pink decoration)
Ballerina ‘Time Out’ – $595 in March 93
Cherub Bowl
Dolphin, Medium
Dolphin, Small
Four Calling Birds ornament
Holy Family nativity group
New Jersey Vase with Violets (variant of 1983 Daisy Vase)
Trenton NJ Bicentennial Ring Box

Five plaques appear on Cybis’ March 1993 price list with no information other than a title and design number (no price, no dimensions, no indication of edition type.) It is not known if any were actually made. Their titles and design numbers are Bell Plaque (#20948), Summer Plaque (#20809), Autumn Plaque (#20810), Spring Plaque (#20811) and Winter Plaque (#20812.)

Limited editions
Chess pieces, downsized Hall of Fame replicas of the pieces that were in the 1979 retail set: King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook, Pawn. Sold separately.
Lady Macbeth II (first Hall of Fame replica)
Lady Macbeth III (second Hall of Fame replica)
Persephone III (second Hall of Fame replica)
Rapunzel II (downsized HOF replica, in blue)
Swan, Wings Out (single piece taken from the 1988 Swans in Motion pair)
Swan, Wings Up (single piece taken from the 1988 Swans in Motion pair)
Open editions:
American Bald Eagle III with Flag, in color (Desert Storm Commemorative)
Andy, Boy Reading
Bald Eagle (renamed 1990 Young Eagle) in white bisque
Bear ‘Chi Chi’ (formerly an event piece titled Chi Chi and The Bear)
Bear (from Mother Bear and Three Cubs) in tan or in white
Bear Cub Sitting (brown, tan or white)
Bear Cub Sitting, white, with Holly
Bear Cub Golfer (brown, tan or white; same as Bear Cub Sitting but with a golf club added)
Bear Cub Golfer, white, with Holly
Bunny Bon Bon in brown
Bunny Bunnykins in brown
Bunny Cuddles
Bunny Cuddles in brown
Bunny Cuddles with Holly
Bunny ‘Puttin’ on the Irish’
Bunny with Bonnet, sitting (variant of Snowflake)
Bunny with Bonnet, standing (variant of Bon Bon)
Candle Holder (design #20951, appearance unknown)
Candlestick (design #20950, appearance unknown)
Chippy with Nuts
Colt (design #6146, appearance unknown)
Dolphin Sitting on Tail (same as other dolphins, except vertical)
Dove, wings out (taken from 1987 Wedding Centerpiece)
Eagle Atop the Palisades (re-issue in color of the retired 1976 bisque piece of the same name)
First Bath
Five Golden Rings ornament
Heavenly Music Plaque
Holiday Boy with Noel Stocking and Clown Doll (variant of 1980s Holiday Child)
Holiday Girl with Bow Stocking and Panda (variant of 1980s Holiday Child)
Madonna with Lace (re-issue of a previously-retired 1950s mold)
New Jersey Goldfinch (re-naming of 1988 Goldfinch)
New Jersey Horse (variant of 1980s Lord Bentley/Black Beauty)
New Jersey Violet

Limited editions:
Carousel Buffalo
Open editions:
Holiday Bell with Sleigh
Holiday Boy with Noel Stocking and Panda
Holiday Girl with Bow Stocking and Clown Doll
Little Foal (downsized version of 1987 Lord Bentley->1988 Black Beauty)
Six Geese a-Laying ornament
Trenton Savings Bank Bald Eagle (variant of Young Eagle/Bald Eagle) [private commission]

Limited editions: none confirmed
Open editions:
Comanche Chief medallion Golden Princess (1995 Collectors Society piece)
Hippo ‘Play Ball’ (variant of 1980s Hippo TGIF with baseball cap added)
Holiday Bell with Wreath, Christmas Tree and Sleigh
Madonna Angelica re-issue in a different size
Seven Swans a-Swimming ornament

Limited editions: none confirmed
Open editions:
Crown in white and gold (Collectors Society joining piece for 1996) (crown mold taken from 1960s House of Gold)
Eight Maids a-Milking ornament
Golden Prince (1996 Collectors Society piece) (variant of 1987 The Prince)
Roberta (1996 retailer event piece; blue variant of Young Rose)

Note: The Nativity Camel III (the body mold from Camel I put atop new kneeling legs) was introduced in either Fall 1996, or during 1997; it is on the September 1997 price list, which did not flag items as “new” anymore, so it could be from either of those two years.

Limited editions: none confirmed
Open editions:
Angel Ornament with Harp, embellished in gold
Little Princess (1997 Collectors’ Society piece; (variant of 1988 Flower Girl)
Miniature Cybis Sign (Collectors Society joining piece for 1997)
Nine Ladies Dancing ornament
Woolie Bear

Limited editions: none confirmed, but Fire Dancer seems to be a likely candidate; it was either this year or 1997.
Open editions:
Ten Lords a-Leaping ornament

Limited editions:
Indian Warrior, a/k/a Proud Warrior
Prima Ballerina
Open editions:
Eleven Pipers Piping ornament
Twelve Drummers Drumming ornament

2000s Introductions

Due to a dearth of advertising materials and price lists issued during this decade, it is hard to pin down the appearance of most of these items to a specific year. The website never indicated the introduction year of any of the pieces shown there; however, all of these appeared on the Cybis website during the 2000s at some point. The Millennium Ornament can be dated from its title, and the Nativity Guardian Angel has the year 2001 impressed on one mold section and 2002 impressed on the other – therefore I am assigning her to the more recent year. The website was never updated after December 2008, at which time it indicated that the Carousel Reindeer and the Partridge Ball Ornament were ‘new introductions.’ All of the other sculptures are assumed to have appeared for the first time between 2000 and 2008 because they do not appear on any of the 1990s price lists that I have; however, only eight of those listed below were entirely new designs. There are no known Cybis retail introductions after 2008.

Limited editions: unknown
Open editions:
Millennium Ornament

Limited editions: none confirmed
Open editions:
Nativity Guardian Angel

2000-2007, exact introduction years not known
Limited editions:
Lady Elizabeth (single figure taken from 1980s Lady and The Unicorn)
The Buccaneer
Open editions:
Angel Ornament with Star Halo
Beagle (single pup taken from the 1980s Branigan and Clancy and sold separately)
Bunny ‘Patriot’ (same as original Bunny Liberty [himself a variant of Bon Bon] but with striped instead of solid color accessories)
Bunny with Santa Hat (variant of Bon Bon)
Fan Card Holder in various colors (this is the fan mold held by the 1970s Good Queen Anne)
Nativity Angel III (combination of the upper body from Nativity Angel I atop the lower body from Nativity Angel II)
Noble Eagle (combination of Young Eagle/Bald Eagle + the base taken from Mr. President)
Ribbon of Hope Fan (the Fan Card Holder + pink ribbon added)
Ribbon of Hope Rose, Large (pink 1987 American Rose + pink ribbon added)
Ribbon of Hope Rose, Medium (pink 1987 Holiday Rose + pink ribbon added)
Ribbon of Hope Rose, Small (the 1984 Mini Rose + pink ribbon added)
Romance Heart Box with Pink Ribbon (variant of 1980s Romance Heart Box)
Scottish Terrier
Yoga, Girl in Motion

Limited editions:
Carousel Reindeer
Open editions:
Partridge Ball Ornament

If anyone happens to have any printed price lists from the 2000s that show specific sculptures as being ‘new’ for that year, I would love to see a scan and update the information above. Copyright year impressions are not of help because, as you can see, the studio often re-used molds from previous decades. A contact form link is below.

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